Friday, May 22, 2009

My Time

I’m not shallow,
Nor am I superficial.
I’m not super courageous,
Nor am I overly fearful.
I am alone,
But I am never lonely.
I have big dreams,
And realistic plans.
I have strong desires...
Tempered by time and patience
I am alive...
More so now than I’ve ever been.
I’m fighting the past things,
That have no place in my present reality.
I’m anxious sometimes,
But then again, I am peaceful.
I’m a warrior when things go wrong...
And I’m a saint when everything is alright.
I’m young but wise in my thoughts,
But I’m not too old to not enjoy them.
I drift at times in a sea of emotion...
And when my feet hit the ground, I find them running.
I now know truly I have a right to not only be here...
But to be here happy and hopeful.
I’m not afraid of love,
But I will not sacrifice who or what I am to have it.
I keep going even when things fall apart,
Because there is no use sitting in despair.
I don’t live for tomorrow...
And don’t waste time with yesterday.
Right now, I’m ready.
Right now, I’m willing...
To see the things I’ve never seen...
To feel the feelings I want to feel...
To live my life in my way, in my time.

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