Thursday, April 2, 2015

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Understanding Forgiveness by J.L. Harter

There is nothing humanity struggles more with than the concept of forgiveness. Religious teachings paint one perspective; philosophy paints another as does psychology, metaphysics, spirituality and the more common every-day understanding. But, what if not one of them alone is wholly correct and as you move through this so very important life lesson, every path leaves you wanting, desperate, suffering and with no seeming way to get free? This book offers a strategy for understanding for it is only through understanding that you may begin to see that forgiveness is just a concept and that like learning 1 added to 1 is 2, you can learn this concept and set yourself free."

An excerpt:  

"...Finding forgiveness is sometimes much like taking a very long road trip with no map on a twisting, winding and very dark road.  There is no right and perfect way to navigate it and despite what others may tell you, there is no right or wrong way to do it.  Some would say there are things that are unforgivable.  I say, Not So!  There is nothing unforgivable.  The things we think most unforgivable are likely those very things we have not yet found a way to forgive within ourselves.  If we mire ourselves in a prison of an unforgiving world with an unforgiving God and an unforgiving populace, my what a dreary place we’ve trapped ourselves within..."

4 x 6 Paper back, full color on black and white, packed full of perspective changing ideas that may help you as you travel down the road of understanding forgiveness.  Exclusively available in print at


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