Sunday, November 23, 2014

Painted Longing


Amber neon scarlet sunset
Smokey plum streaked clouds chasing the sun
Cerulean blue fades to smoky gray
As the stars reach out to the last rays of light
Random sea breeze blowing fall crispy night
Faceless strangers traversing silvery pavements
Plans and dreams of the days to come
Full harvest and thanks for all they embrace
A gracious time nearly upon us all
Would that it could be this every day or every night
This sense of peace here in the darkness
Slow and haunting beautiful tune
Captivated a part of my unconscious
Reaching for something to resonate ever more with
As if the light display I had casually witnessed
Were not enough
One taste of such beauty always leaves me wanting
Just a little more, linger just a little longer
Sweet beauty moves my soul in ways, just ways
And the night, oh the night and her lights
The sky filled with stars above
The dark streets filled with bright lights below
Distracted contracted and extracting my senses
Beyond the space and time in which I now obviously inhabit
The sea breeze whispers once more
And this time I hear it
A tune meant for me
A lone soothing and mesmerizing tone so distant
Bringing back a flood of days and years
Watching water color painted skies
Contemplating dreams alive and hope taking flight
Not worried a bit with my wings now unfurled
Time to soar and perhaps yet dream
And slumber befalls me until mornings pale orange
Reaches into my heart
While the little birds singing me gently awake

© 2014 Jaie Hart

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