Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Was is No Longer - Wait, It Gets Better

I've learned of late how fragile life can be.  One moment, all seems to be well and everything or everyone you thought you could count on  is just there humming along just as you planned.  Then one day when you least expect it, everything changes. Someone leaves, jobs change and the unexpected happens.  Most often, we struggle at best to take things in stride but we do so first from a space of complete resistance.  We do not like change much when it comes to those things and people familiar and a comfort to us.  We do not like to let go and we do our best for a time to try to hold onto what was even though it is no longer.  We battle ourselves in these troublesome minutes, hours and days until we learn to shift our thoughts to the potentials for opportunity that we truly face.  There is opportunity in every seeming shift or change we encounter in life.  We can't feel that though if we are dead set against letting go to embrace intended transformation.  Life is about change and not about standing still ever.

When we can find a way to make our way to the top of the mountain that understanding most often seems to be, we'll see that change is necessary not only for us but for all involved in our lives and experience here on Earth.  When we let go we give ourselves permission to grow even if we didn't seek that out or even remotely desire any form of growth.  To strive to embrace only that which came before is folly.  We simply cannot hold back change.  We cannot prevent our own growth.  We try in so many ways though to stop it once it starts.  I know that I do not care for change much either and that at first, I will always be resistant.  I've learned though, to not assign too many emotions to such a series of thoughts because I only create my own prison.  We all do that in so many ways...create prisons.  We forget that we always have the keys to release us from the prisons we lock ourselves into with our thoughts.  I think when change strikes, if we can find some small way to fight to stay curious about what is happening and reserve judgement and the assignment of resulting emotion for a time, we'll come to understand what the change is calling for us to do and we'll set ourselves free from the prison of "loss."  Sometimes it is enough to let go of those we love who must go.  Sometimes it is enough to let go of situations that we counted on.  Sometimes it's enough to embrace happiness through a refusal to engage in resisting change.

It's never easy.  It just never is.  But, I have found that it is always worth it.  Today, we celebrate the Fourth of July, independence day.  Independence and being free are always a part of my thoughts and so, I've decided to free myself from one toxic thing today - resisting change.  In my refusal to resist change and to instead expect it, I have set myself free.  I don't have to engage in fearful emotions.  I don't have to engage in anger for what could have been, should have been or might have been.  I can relax into experiencing what is free from judgment.  I like that idea.  I always like finding some way to turn a seemingly negative experience, thought or encounter into a positive.  Sometimes we view a situation as if we have lost something.  That's often a short-sighted view because no matter what we might seem to be losing, we have gained precious knowledge for our efforts and in that we never really lose anything.  Sometimes we miss what we think we were supposed to gain.  Sometimes it is a mere experience of a thing or a person for a time and to not have that experience, thing or person be with us forever. 

Enough of my rambling thoughts for now.  Too much work, schoolwork and stress as well as some exciting and purely magical things have prevented my writing for a while and well, I had to take some time to sort out a few more things floating through my mind and heart.  For those who are experiencing loss in any way, my heart and prayers go out to you.  My wisdom tells me that at some point you will heal and once again come to see all that you have gained despite the loss you face in this moment.  Many blessings of love, light and pure understanding.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)