Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life is Amazing!

At 2:30 a.m. this morning my eyes popped open and I no longer wanted to sleep.  I laid there in the darkness for quite some time discerning whether I wanted to return to sleep or if I wanted to allow my mind free reign to roam.   I decided on the latter and am grateful.  I set about creating my morning coffee ritual, turned on a great song, Tool – Reflection, and just let my thoughts go as I gazed up at my beautiful twinkling friends in a beautiful dark night sky.  I got to thinking about the darkness and how often we think of darkness as something we must dispel or eradicate. Watching the stars this morning, I realized how grateful I was for the darkness.  Without it, I could not see this amazingly beautiful canopy of light above me.  It would still exist but I couldn’t see it and feel it stir my soul as well.

I love things that stir me at the level of the soul.  For reasons I can’t always articulate, I appreciate life most when my thoughts run deep below the surface.  Like a breeze that’s always blowing as the Earth is turning and moving through space, so are my thoughts.  They never stop and I’m never afraid to let them go where ever it is they will.  In quiet moments such as these, I find I’m grateful for the ability to loosen the chains of convention and entertain wild and unimaginable thoughts about existence, what is really going on behind the scenes.  We’re not taught how much things in life matter.  When we are trapped in egotistical thinking day in and day out, we never live deep enough to bring about a true satisfaction with life.  There is no lasting satisfaction with your latest purchase or impressing someone.  But there is lasting satisfaction when you spend your time understanding yourself and what is really happening behind the scenes of everything.

Life has great purpose.  Your life has great meaning even when you can’t consciously wrap your mind and your thoughts around precisely how this is true.  It is true.  You came here because you wanted to.  There was something about this place, the Earth School, that drew you in and compelled you to dive in and learn…so, what are you learning?  Is it positive?  Is it negative?  Do you know why?  Did you know that you create what you see or that feelings are real whether or not they are based on true facts?  We don’t spend enough time understanding things until we begin to feel bad and then when we begin to feel bad, we start to seek escape through so many of life’s distractions – alcohol, work, over-committing our schedules, relationships, drama, drugs and so many other things.  But, what if we just sat with emotion and felt it with the intent to truly understand it’s purpose?  Our feelings can be the most amazing teachers in our lives.  If we but took a single moment to sit with our feelings and understand them and how they came to be, we could unlock so many mysteries for ourselves.

Life is just so amazing to me.  All of the delicate intricacies of existence…physics, science, human relations and nature…these are some of the most amazing tools in existence to help us understand what life is about.  But, we have to be willing to see.  We have to be willing to learn.  Once we begin to learn all of the languages of existence, there is so much we can do to create amazing things in our lives.  I want that for you, all of you for no other reason than it would bring so much love and joy into this world.  This world can be such a tough place to exist in but when you take the time to understand its purpose…your purpose, your life can and will change for the better.  I pray that your hearts, minds and eyes open to a new and amazing way to live here now.  I pray you find the deepest meaning and love possible.  ~Blessings for a beautiful weekend dear souls!

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