Thursday, July 22, 2010

Manifesting and Moving Project Update

Well, hmmm, WOW!  That sure didn’t take long.  Just after I last wrote, I put my desires very specifically on my prosperity board.  I wanted a 3 bedroom 2 bath place with a garage between 1700 and 1900 a month.  I wanted it by September and I wanted a low deposit.  So, scroll forward just a few days later and I noticed a truck parked on the street just down the street from my house.  The sign said, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo for rent.  I called the number and left a message.  2 days later I received a call back that the place would be available in August and it is in the price range and it even has an extra bathroom, tennis courts, pool and playground within the complex.  It’s smaller than what we’ve got but I decided it was time to let go of so much stuff and will be spending the next few weeks readying lots of stuff for the Salvation Army!  I sign my lease tonight!!!!  So, the power of positive intent does most definitely work—and the money/moving part – even stuff I had thought about and didn’t write down, well, everything is going to be taken care of.  While I was at it, I had thrown another item up on the board (to loose that Christmas weight finally – LOL  So it’s almost August, whatever!  Well, the pounds are miraculously coming off too!  Whoo hoo!)

Sometimes when there are things that we really want and there is all sorts of anxiety around what we want—you know, the little nagging worries, what if’s and so on...nothing is deadlier to the manifesting and attracting process than the negative energy of worry and anxiety.  A wonderful woman shared with me a really cool idea (thanks Helena!!!!).  When you have those nagging worries that just won’t go away, get yourself a little box and call it your God or Goddess box.  If that doesn’t suit you, call it a transformation box.  Whenever one of those nagging worries crops up, write it down on a little piece of paper and put it in the box knowing that worry will be transformed and be removed from you.  I swear this works.  I’ve saved myself many sleepless nights lately by sitting down before bed and writing down all the little nagging worries I had and stuffing them in the little box.  As I was putting the worry in the box, I called on my faith and trust in myself, in my purpose in life and in my Maker to help me find a way to transform that worry and move past it.  It has gotten me right to sleep very soon after wards every time.

It’s important that when you are consciously working on manifesting and attracting that you feel good about what you are attempting to manifest or attract.  You cannot hold worries or doubt or you will tell the universe to give you more to worry about and more to doubt.  You must hold positive thoughts that will welcome those things you are attempting to manifest or attract.  Spend some time seeing what you want and enjoying receiving it.  Picture it clearly and get very excited about seeing and then just trust that you will do the right things to bring about the opportunity for it to manifest and the universe or your Maker will bring those things to you that you really want and need. 

A word about manifesting and this is my own personal insight and you do not have to share it.  When I am working on manifesting, I’m reasonable in my requests.  There are so many in the world that need things and do not have them.  I do not make outlandish requests and I feel like because of that and the fact that I keep it simple always, the universe always gives me what I need.  I have no need of a sports car to make me feel good so I do not attempt to manifest one.  I keep my manifestations real.  So, if you are new to this concept or process, start small and work on something.  Keep it real, keep it simple and test out your ability to manifest.  You might be very surprised and what comes right into your life!  Make your lists, visualize and feel good about what you want or need and don’t give up.  Never give up.  Faith and trust are a big part about changing your perspectives and holding what you want to manifest in focus.  My good friend Jon told me anything was possible if you focused on it.  Due to my own belief system and abilities, I had to start small with simple and realistic things that wouldn’t create any disbelief for me.  You know what, those things have come to pass and more is in the works.  My little prosperity board is full!  And, lots of good things are happening—thoughts outside the box are coming to me and when I act on those, I bring the things I want to me.  I can see the process working and am so excited.  Each time you have a success at manifesting something, celebrate and feel so very good about it knowing it works.  When you do that, you can lend even more positive energy, faith and trust in the next thing you wish to manifest!

Keep on thinking positive.  Use tools to help you ditch your worries and disbeliefs and keep on going in a happy and positive light.  Life is meant to be enjoyed so do enjoy!  Many blessings!

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