Sunday, July 18, 2010

Explorer of Silver Linings

So, I’ve done a lot of studying for many years on the power of positive thinking. There is one thing I’m certain of, when you are thinking negative—feeling like a victim, thinking that the only kind of luck you have is bad or none at all—life sucks to put it bluntly. There is an unending stream of negative things to pull your attention, steal your hope and destroy all faith you might have in life and living. I’ve been there and done that. It was a long time ago. It wasn’t until I changed my thinking and started to become an explorer of silver linings that things started to change for me. Then, there comes all the positive thinking and manifestation books. I won’t list their titles here. As a normal and rational human being, I really struggle with these books some times. Although I understand the concepts and have employed them most of my life, I can’t help but wonder if you just plateau some times.

Honestly, I think there is a reason for everything. I won’t belabor here but I’ve had some real challenges lately with money not coming in "easily and often" and what does come in is gone with not enough left. Taxes are getting higher, new ones all the time, unexpected expenses and now being forced to watch every penny…UGH! Bad place to be. The more you focus on lack, the more the universe brings you lack but I’ll tell you—even though I’m a really positive person and I turn every thought around with a positive thought—I do visualization and still very little changes are taking place. So, I’m attempting to head in a certain direction that seems to be the holy grail to resolve one of my current challenges…well a couple things—one with a good solid long-term solution that I’m really happy about but the other seems so simple and yet nothing, nothing, nothing. Quite simply, the economy and some bad decisions on my part a few years ago is going to force me to move from a home that I love. I’m not being foreclosed on, I’m just renting so no big deal. But, what I need is taking it’s sweet time to manifest and it isn’t so outlandish or unreasonable, the desire I hold. I just don’t understand. So, the negative natural side of my mind thinks, “you’re being punished for those bad decisions and your just going to be stuck—too bad, so sad.” But, the other side of my mind, the silver lining explorer says, “You have put out there what you need along with the time frame, you just need to trust that it will happen and feel good---don’t get discouraged.” I feel torn!

Everything in life happens for a reason. I guess I just have to trust that the timing is out of my hands only because the perfect place is not yet available to me. I have to trust that this perfect place will be affordable, with a reasonable deposit, a good location and a landlord that is good for us to deal with. I have to trust because if I don’t, I think I will overdose on my own adrenaline! LOL So, I’m putting these power of positive thinking tactics to work in a much better way than I have been. I have what I call a “Prosperity Board.” It’s a little cork board I’ve covered in green construction paper. On that board are all of the things that I wish to manifest in my life right now. I’m going to put my new location needs on there today and every night and every morning I will spend some time visualizing all the things I need concerning a new affordable place to live. I’ll update you on my progress. As I'm writing, I can feel the former negative thoughts about this starting to slip away! Yeah!

One of the things we have to do when manifesting anything we deeply desire in our lives is to trust it will happen as we see it. We have to have faith that its coming and be completely open to receiving it. I’ve somehow lost touch with such good thoughts I see and will bringing myself back on track. I can’t tell you how many other things were on that board that have manifested in my life! Strange thoughts have popped into my head on some of those things—things I hadn’t thought of or tried before and following those new thoughts and possibilities without shooting down the ideas have lead to some great solutions to resolving problems that were seemingly out of my hands. Gosh, it feels good to remember these things. I have to really count my blessings and successes for all the things on that board that have come to fruition. The rest, I really do trust and believe they will come to pass. Patience! Learning to be at peace with the process of manifesting and getting really excited about the coming outcomes is such a good thing.

What things in your life are you trying to manifest? Have you thought about putting together your own prosperity board? Gosh, even listing those things you truly desire on a piece of paper taped up in your room where you see it constantly will work. See the list, feel good about those things on it and just trust that your openness will encourage the universe to bring it to you. All those books out there are not just a bunch of baloney! Really! They are on to something and I speak from experience. I guess on one thing lately I’ve let the stress of life and the distraction of anxiety deter my faith a bit. Time to get back on track and believe, and be open, and see, see, see the possibilities. There are no limits except the ones we allow to enter our minds. You can argue the finer points on that thought all you want but the reality is…all that will get you is stuck right where you are!

I'm taking my own advice here on a somewhat complicated situation. Having read the words I just wrote, I'm letting go of limits, I'm letting go of punishing and negative thoughts and instead I'm going to believe what I need will come and at the perfect time and in the perfect way! I hope this article gives you some food for thought concerning troubling things you're trying to resolve or good things you are trying to manifest. With these words, I am lending some strong positive energy for you so that you may remain positive and become open to receiving your truest desires! Many blessings and good thoughts to ya!

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