Saturday, June 19, 2010

When Spirit Calls - Dedication for Lightworkers

For spiritual individuals (aka light workers) trying to exist normally in everyday life, there are just those indescribable moments where you see the path changing, you start to see Spirit at work rearranging your life for something big and then it comes, the call. You get a sudden opportunity to pick up and go. For some, this happens in a big way and they are suddenly off to another country to help the sick, the displaced and the wounded. For others, the call is not as big and dramatic but Spirit calls and if you answer, it can be both a challenging and rewarding experience.

My first experience with a Spiritual call came some years ago in the early 90’s. 1993 was a rough year. My dad past away and I was dealing with the memories of a dear friend’s 14 mo baby girl’s death on the very same day. Devastating year! Work was stressful and I was still learning how to be a mom. So, things started changing to the point that the Universe began to untangle the ties holding me to where I was physically located and everything in me was pulling me away from my home. I was afraid and sad to go but the pull was strong. When the opportunity made itself clear and the fork in the road was presented, I chose the calling not even knowing what I was in for or why. I moved across country (2800 miles from home) to a new place and I did my best to function. An opportunity arose to help a sweet soul from a terrible situation and that took some time. It took a year there for the real reason I was called across country to present itself. Two wonderful things occurred but the moment they did and things were back on track, Spirit called again and pulled me right back home. It wasn’t a pleasant experience emotionally speaking but as I look back now, I can see it for the truly beautiful lesson it was.

So, that was a long time ago and Spirit has blessed me many times and in ways I cannot even describe here. I’ll just say that often I have seen the hand of Spirit moving in my life, making us safe, protecting us and leading us to other opportunities to help, facilitate healing and even foster my own deep healing. This comes to mind for me this morning because the calling struck me again just this week. That feeling is unmistakable. It’s as if the Universe quietly steps into your life and asks you “Are you ready to go? There is more work to do?” So, I have answered as I always do, “Yes, I will go where you need me to go and do what you need me to do.” This time though I asked where Spirit was guiding me and I was shown. “Very interesting,” I will say. I will be watchful for the “untangling” aspect appearing in my life again and will be praying it is not as hard and difficult as it was in times past but go, I will.

The thing about being a light worker is that we don’t always get to choose what we do. Sometimes we are called to do things. We can choose whether or not to answer the call because there is free will. The thing that strikes me though is that I have been given so many beautiful blessings in this life and I know that at some point soon, I will be able to stop and to rest but for now, I want to answer the call. I want to go and do whatever it is that Spirit is calling me to do. Interestingly enough, Spirit seems to be telling me that I’ve got 3 more of these “space changing” calls to go and then I will be allowed to settle down, build the life I want to build and work on a different sort of healing/calling. I’m excited to be of service, I’m a little nervous about the changes I know are coming but the one thing I’m sure of—we will be taken care of always. Spirit guides and protects all of us as we journey in this life. Nothing beats that feeling of being able to offer service to someone in need, to pick up and go on a new adventure because even though you may be going to someone else who specifically needs the help only you can offer, you gain so much growth, so much experience and begin to peer deeper into the true meaning of life – love! I cannot tell you what a blessing it is. My intent in writing this piece this morning was to share with the other light workers out there a confirmation of Spirit in action and that I’ve also been told many more of you are getting some calls to change location and to not be afraid. You have the power to chose and if you answer the calls, you will be rewarded in some way that only you will come to understand. Even if you choose not to go where you are called, Spirit will understand and will send folks to you to help in another way. The message coming through so strongly this morning is that the Network of Light needs to maintain hope…it needs to continue to build light, foster love and continue healing works in these most difficult of times. When you’ve received a calling in this world, its so hard. We have to exist like everyone else does. We have to continue to move among society like everyone else does. But, we do not look at the world and its material objects and superficial situations like everyone else does. We see the hand of Spirit moving in our lives and the lives of others and we adjust ourselves accordingly for no other reason than to help others around us.

Answering callings and being a light worker is hard sometimes. For most people reading this post the thoughts of “Wow, nutty chick posting here” will abound rampant but that’s okay. For the others who also are light workers, they will read this and they’ll know where I’m coming from because they are on the same path and they’ve experienced the same things and they will consider the message as a confirmation of purpose, a confirmation of hope and a confirmation of love for them. So, I dedicate this post to all of you light workers out there. Keep doing the beautiful work that you so willingly do. Spirit seems to be calling more and more these days and its not our place to discern why but to act in accordance with the laws of love, healing and trust. May you all walk proudly on your journeys-- uplifted by love and joy. We’re on this road together! Peace and many blessings to all of you.

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