Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last night I stepped out into the moonlight.  The night was cool and in the western sky I saw smoky orange clouds painted low on the horizon.  The stars were out twinkling so brightly and a sea breeze blew away all my worries from this week.  I slept peacefully, soundly with a smile inside of my heart.  When I woke up this morning, I stepped outside.  Warm cup of coffee in hand.  The birds were singing so sweetly in the darkness and I realized right then and there that the darkness does not hold fearful things but can just sometimes mask the beautiful things that are out there.

As I watched the sky fade from black to pale blue,  a smile rose from deep inside of me again.  It’s a new day and the rising sun always leaves me with this feeling of pure elation.  I have my worries like everyone else does but a brand new day always feels like such a precious gift that I just cannot hold onto the worries and fears.  I have to let them go as the light of the sun on a brand new day spills its light wildly  in every direction.  Gratitude is the greatest healing balm to the soul.  Don’t ever forget that.

Our view is always shaped by the thoughts we hold in our hearts.  I speak the truth here so please understand…holding worries in your heart is like turning off the lights and trying to walk through life in the dark.  Holding hope, having faith in you dreams and seeing the infinite possibilities in your life is like shining the sun’s light on your path.  You control that.  Did you know? 

If you were to look at the postings from the wonderful friends and associations I have on my Facebook site, one thing you would notice is the high volume of some very positive thinkers pushing a positive message throughout the day every day.  They learned a secret a long time ago as I did.  Life can seem so bleak, scary, empty and lonely if you hold only those thoughts in your heart.  But, if you change them around, you will see the light begin to shine.  Everything you experience may seem to be randomly placed upon your path to contend with and perhaps it may seem like you  have no control and some of those things may leave you feeling very out of control.  However, your thoughts and choices as well as actions are yours.  You can see the sunlight and yet feel only sadness for whatever reason or you can see the sunlight and let it fill you with hope, with faith and with the creative and loving thoughts you need to help you make it through whatever part of the journey you are on.

There were so many times in my life where I did not know nor understand that my thoughts and even my emotions (which are so very closely connected) were a choice that I made.  All the conflict I suffered painfully I look back on now and see how I made the choices I made…I thought the thoughts I held during those times.  And now, for mere moments things might get me down temporarily but I immediately stop blaming the world for not being exactly what I wanted and I accept it on its terms, I accept me and my thoughts and reactions on my terms and then I strive to see things in the most positive light possible.  It doesn’t make my bills disappear but it does restore my faith and trust that I will always find a way to take care of my obligations and responsibilities no matter what.  I take nothing for granted and appreciate every blessing that crosses my path and dawns on my consciousness and with such a mind set, I might make mistakes along the way but I will never fail.  So you, you may make mistakes but it’s your life…it’s okay to make mistakes…just learn and start to look for the many blessings in every situation…hold positive thoughts…see those points in time and in life that you were gratefully carried by some seemingly unseen force until you were strong enough to walk again.

Life is amazing.  Find love in your heart for something, for anything from a tiny blade of grass to the all of a deep and clear cerulean sky and you will be amazed at how much smoother life seems to go and even if you should find bumps in the road and hills to climb, your positive thoughts will help you meet your challenges and lessons with courage and strength instead of fear and trepidation.  Every experience in life refines your spirit in ways more important than I can possibly explain.  Don’t dwell on the pain…feel it, move through it and embrace the light in your life.  If you can’t see any light, open your eyes and look for it.  You’ll find it.  Many blessings and much love to you.

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