Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unchain Your Reality - Happy New Year

There’s a blue moon out tonight and the breeze is chilly coming in off the coast.  The street noise is light with lots of silent spaces in between rushing motors with participants headed to a night of celebration.  The sounds of the natural night seem unaware that the month is ending, the year is over and that humans are rethinking plans and goals for the New Year.  The owls are still flying in search of prey, the hawks circling in search of a meal and critters large and small carry on as if nothing is different about the day.  We’re actually the unaware ones thinking this day holds any more significance than the day before or the day to come.  We don’t need a new year to remake ourselves.  That power is ours in every moment of every day but we’re just not aware enough to realize what it would take to do that.  Well, and some of us have no interest in things deep or contemplative and that is our choice in a world were free will exists. 

I had a rather mind expanding conversation with a new friend yesterday.  In that conversation I realized how limited my thinking was.  Many realizations dawned on me all at once.  I was already on that path of changing thought and loosening the chains of limits I had set in my own mind. But I discovered that I was still so very limited in what I allowed myself to contemplate concerning my life.  With the doors blown open wide I realized that my thoughts carry weight in this world.  Everyone’s thoughts create gravity in this world and once thought, those thoughts become real and take on a life of their own like a child being born and growing and maturing moving out on its own in the world.  It’s stunning to think about.  Until you’ve seen that concept in action or taken the time to notice, it’s hard to grasp.  But really our reality is manifested by what we think and how we perceive our reality.  Whatever limits we place on ourselves will manifest in our reality.  Our perceptions and perspectives mean so much more than we even bother to think about in our work-a-day world where we give our time in exchange for things we’ll just throw away.  We don’t give much thought to the state of our thoughts.  We get lost in the superficial that the advertisers salivate to get us to think about.  They aren’t evil, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that if we keep ourselves so distracted in search of the next thing that we think will make us happy, we’re condemning ourselves to a life of misery…a life of never having enough because no matter what we find in the outside world, it can never truly fill us up the way we seek to be filled.  We will condemn ourselves to a place where our personal power is always laid in the hands of some unknown thing, event, person or even worse.

I could go so many directions right here and now but this is a blog and not a novel—so, I’ll pull myself back in for a minute here.  We are so very, very powerful here and now, we just don’t know it.  Our power lies in knowing how related we are, how we all buy into a collective often referred to as the Earth school, how we all believe in the rules set before us we never even questioned and how we miss so much by not challenging what we think we are seeing.  We don’t challenge our feelings, we don’t challenge our assumptions or even realize when we’re making them.  We think work is hard and must be worked at day in and day out…we buy into that game but we don’t have to.  We can change our thoughts, our minds, our perspectives and our dreams.  We can focus more on the “heart” and soul instead of the mind and “things.”  We can push ourselves to ask ourselves what is really important and for our higher good and we should.  But I wonder if we did, would we even listen or trust what we get back in return for such efforts.  Listening to the silence and the stillness is a very hard thing.  We must cut ourselves off from the things we think we know and go within and get to know us and who we really are.  We are not the things or people we accumulate and attract to us.  Those are just rampant thoughts manifesting as our reality.  If we’re happy with our reality, that’s great—keep going and good for you.  But if we’re not happy, we’re not fulfilled, it’s time to do something differently—anything differently.

It’s hard to shift your perspective.  Someone showed me something simple about perspectives in an amazing way once.  I can’t remember the teacher’s name but she came back from a near death experience and she taught people about the things that she learned.  She was an amazing woman and taught me some interesting things.  But, this one thing was a simple shift in perspective.  She asked us if we had ever seen an aura.  We all said “No.”  She then asked if we wanted to see one and we all said “Yes.”  So, she asked a student to come up to the front of class to stand against the wall and she asked us all to look at the student.  She asked what we saw…we all said, “The student.”  She said, “Now look again.  Focus your attention about 6 to 12 inches above her head…don’t look directly at her but above her and tell me what you see.”  The oohs and aaahhhs were amazing.  About 6 inches above this student’s head was a clear sparkling liquid-like shadow that was not a latent retinal image.  We saw this girl’s aura.  So, that amazing shift in perspective wasn’t enough. The teacher wanted to make sure to reinforce the lesson.  So, she stood in front of the class and asked us all to look at her aura.  When we all confirmed we saw it she said, “Wait, now watch this.”  She took a few yoga breaths and pushed her aura all the way to the ceiling and then brought it back down!  Every person in the class room saw it.  I was stunned.  I’d never seen an aura before.  But, after that shift in perspective, I saw them everywhere.  I saw the aura trees give off, flowers, kids, adults and even animals.  I don’t see colors physically but I can see auras.  It took someone to point out how to shift my perspective and then I could see.  So, it’s like that with our reality.  If we perceive pain and negativity and accept and expect that, that is all we will see and experience until someone shows us how to see things differently.  And, we can see things differently if we are willing.

So, as I sit here in the moonlight my world comes undone a little bit but in a very good way.  The limits I placed on myself are now falling away.  The pain I’ve carried for so long can now be put down—it was just a perspective I was taught to hold and now I know I no longer have to hold that perspective.  I don’t have to limit myself with my thinking because I am free—free to think whatever I want however I want and I am at least a little bit aware enough to realize anything I see or perceive is only my reality and not anyone else’s so judgment must be reserved and compassion must ensue.  Understanding that we’re different but related and that we share a reality based on a common understanding and agreement is key to changing our perspective.  You have to know where to look and where to shift your perspective in order to see things differently.  I now know how important it is not to align myself with any belief too strongly because my beliefs are based on provisional truth, with one exception.  That exception is that I can experience love and I know that when I view the world through the eyes of love, I can think positive, I can understand almost anything and I can hold compassion for my fellow man.  Those things are important to me and the more I hold those things, the more I’m grateful.  I find that the more I am grateful, the more my goals and dreams come into focus.  The more those goals and dreams are in focus, the more they begin to come true.  I’ll write more specifics in a future blog.  What I intended to impart to you tonight, on New Year’s Eve as I sit under a blue moon, is that limiting your thoughts and perspectives limits your ability to be truly happy, truly peaceful and truly loving.  When you are limited, your energy cannot flow easily and you look outside yourself for love and happiness.  That’s chasing an illusive dragon in my experience but again, that is only my perspective.  I’ve walked through emotional fire and torrential rain and come out completely unscathed.  Not because I’m a miracle or I’m anything special…I made it through what I made it through just because I believed that I could.  I believed I could learn and grow from horrible experiences and it happened.  So, think about it…where are you limiting yourself..where are you holding on to pain and stress?  Those are the clues or the hints to achieving the next level in this game we call life.
I wish you all a very, very happy and prosperous New Year.  Believe it will be what you dreamed, open yourself to receiving your dreams and feel good with every step you take.  Blessings!

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