Saturday, September 6, 2014


Oh what great and wonderful observers we are.  We see so much and sometimes understand so very little.  The good news is, we have much capacity to learn.  After all of this time we still seem to understand the human interactions of others as well as our own through the eyes of our little “c” consciousness, the ego and not the good part.  If we could learn to understand more from the origins of our Big “C” Consciousness, we could change.  We use words most often in our limited language and we hear only what we truly wish to.  We might see strident attention where only the tired and weary are crying for help.  We might see aloof, lonely and shy where there truly dwells peace and self-confidence enough to remain silent.  The question not all of us seeming willing to ask or truly understand is why?

With our focus placed only upon our little “c” consciousness, we hear only the threat our minds must quickly rally against in some way shape or form.  If we let go of the little “c” consciousness precisely during human interactions and opened ourselves up to the Big “C” Consciousness, we might hear the truth of what someone really needs during an interaction rather than focus too intently on the words they used and how.  We can shift our focus between these two points of reference if we would only take the time to learn how.  I promise you it is a worthy endeavor, a game-changer for certain.  When we can hear with out hearts and not with out minds, we then can begin to understand and through that understanding relax into our lives.  In such a state, we do not have to engage this world with the throttle stuck on full into our fight and flight responses just struggling to survive physically, emotionally or mentally.  When relaxed we are by far better able to truly hear and truly see what is both within us and right before us.  We get to chose for the most part, how we operate.  You can learn algebra and decide never to use it.  It is the same with compassion and understanding I suppose.  I think that once I crossed the threshold and spent so much time studying; learning those lessons one by one, I could never go back.  I could never unlearn compassion and understanding. I may have been incredulous at first before I truly understood the lessons but now, now I see only love.  I see now only battles for energy and fighting to steal the light of others when every spirit and soul contains this bright sparkling beautiful light on their own.

I understand the harsh actions, I understand the pain and I hear what they need and even if what they need was right before them, they could not understand.  They have chosen not to make the shift to understanding and I suppose we have to accept that free will just isn’t ours to take but rather to understand for ourselves and then choose to exercise or not.

This world can seem such a complicated place and with words and feeble explanations that may be true.  There are fields of study and disciplines great all focused on their “slice of the pie” to go deeper.  Great effort but little rewarding result without being open to the Whole and realizing every person,  in every station, from every walk of life, from every discipline, from every socioeconomic group, from every religion and every culture is, in fact, your brother or sister.  Once you come to this true understanding, I suppose you could go back but I think that you wouldn’t want to.  The freedom this brings is beyond measure.  The sense of understanding is unending.  Life is transformed in a single moment when you seek the truth and find it.  When you look with a heart that wants to understand and then find it.

In love and in light may you greet this day and every day of your lives.  I’m rooting for you, for all of you for no other reason, than I know that you can do it.  I know you can find the deeper meaning in your lives…to life in general.  Blessings. 

© J.L. Harter (photo, random but fortunate Google image find)

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