Sunday, August 31, 2014

Numbers and Years and Meaning Besides

Yesterday was my Father’s Birthday.  48 years ago to the day, he waited up all night on his 21st Birthday to meet me.  I was so grateful that he did.  He was a wonderful man who taught me so much about life.  He was so much fun and the lengths of inquiry he set off in my very young mind I am more grateful for today than there are words to say. 

Sadly, just short of 21 years ago, he left this plane to move on to bigger and better things.  I thought, with crushing sadness at the time, how sad it is that one should die so young.  I’ve had more than 21 years to consider that thought since the shock of his passing has long since subsided.  He was freed 21 years ago to go explore the things he always wanted to explore…space…time…and I wouldn’t be surprised if his spirit soared somewhere near Australia just to see it.  He always did want to go.  I hope he did see it before he went home.  I have no doubt he’d have loved it. 

Today I turned 48 years old and I’ve never been afraid of age and have never had the desire to hide it.  But this birthday I must admit, seems so very strange.  Perhaps the child in me still winces knowing her Father could have stayed longer and oh my how much did he miss that he might have regretted?  But then, I realized that he’s missed nothing at all.  A part of him lives on not just in my memory but in another dimension, another part of our Consciousness (yes, with the Big “C”).  My dad knew age 48 for only 14 days before he decided to depart.  He may not have been aware of his chosen departure but he had finished what he started.  He did it as well as he could have and that is just quite simply good enough.   I miss him sometimes though.  Knowing a soul’s Consciousness goes on without the body is a great comfort but there is still the part of my consciousness (yes, with the little "c") that misses him.  Here I stand at 48 and I look at my children and I’m so not done yet.

Life, I realize, is not dependent upon physical form and I will do what I came to do despite physical form or pure Consciousness.  Perhaps its time to work a bit more from both to finish all that I have started.  But I know this, it’ll be a wonderful day as every day is here on Earth but it will also be a bittersweet day as I walk through my memories as I do each year at this time.  I do not wish to forget a single moment of all that I have experienced here in this world.  I do not wish to forget a single moment of time spent with my family – those I love and those who love me and even those I have yet to meet or may never meet.  Life is so very precious and love makes it even sweeter.  Just like a bitter pill, the pain of loss fades over time and we begin to understand more of our life lessons.  We begin to disconnect our self-focus a bit and see the world from the eyes of others at times.  Understanding comes then, followed by a great sense of peace and compassion.  In a way he might never understand, my Father taught me this.

My solar return has come again and I am so grateful for it.  I do not mourn those who have finished their tasks here but think of them more like precious comrades who completed their work and went on to bigger and better things.  Sure you miss them. Sure you wish to hear their voices or their smiles but they never leave you without leaving those things with you.  Once  you’ve been touched by love, that connection is unending and I’d blow your mind probably if I told you how I see that we are all THAT connected, so I’ll save that maybe for my book writing and lesson plans.  That is what I came for…to enjoy life and help others learn how to do the same.  Happy Birthday to me is a well and good thought but I have another for all of you.  How about you give consideration to this day as if it were your first day here.  See it through the eyes of fresh innocence…see it through the eyes of unending and always connected Source love…experience it with the wonder and awe of a child.  That is a beautiful way to live.  It is what my Father taught me and learning that lesson has made life more than beautiful.  I would love for you to experience that beauty too.  If you could, it would change your lives for the better forever.

Enough of my coffee induced sentimental ramblings.  Close the computer screen down, stand up and go outside for a walk.  Fill your lungs with precious Earth air.  Fill your heart with the beauty that your eyes drink in.  Listen to the sounds of life all around you and know that you are a precious and intrinsic part.  Have a beautiful day for me, would you?  ~Blessings of great love and light always and in all ways.

© 2014 J.L. Harter (photo and words)

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