Friday, December 27, 2013

Feeling Moment

The sun is not yet up and the sea breeze is chilly floating in through my bedroom window.  The trees outside once sang like the rain as their beautiful leaves rustled in the wind but not so now.  They are near barren now in full preparation for the winter.  A humming bird chirps in the distance and the sparrows sing as if at play.  I’m wrapped up warm in a blanket sipping coffee waiting for the sun to rise. 

I’ve had too many thoughts inside my head of late, contending with the life I have created, smiling at the beautiful parts, wincing at the more challenging parts but knowing from somewhere deep inside that it is perfect just as it is.  I realize how important it is in this moment to ensure we take the time to empower ourselves to just have a feeling moment.  I don’t mean one in which we let the ego’s superficial emotion wreak havoc or take control of our perspective but instead I mean taking a  moment to open up to all as it is just as it is and simply breathe.

I look back for a moment over the past year (well, couple of years honestly) and see just how much that I have truly learned and all of that learning culminates in a realization of late.  A decision I have finally come to that I can’t change comes ever greater into focus.  I’m ill suited for certain endeavor I have been engaged in for some time. I didn't choose it purposely but it helped me to do the things I needed to do for a very long time.  I've grown too comfortable in the functioning of it to change it but suddenly I realize the feeling within me tells me I am truly too uncomfortable not to change it.  At my age that is no easy task but miracles have always been at work in my life and I always expect them to arrive just on time at the perfect moment and they always do. Is that luck?  Nope.  It’s calculated awareness, taking action where action is needed and being silent where that too is needed.

I’m readying myself to engage in what I’ve known all along would make me happy but I never knew how to get there from here.  So, to be quite honest, I still don’t but I am not disheartened.  Allowing change to occur and life to unfold on its terms isn’t such a frustrating or impatient making experience if you don’t let it be.  I’ve found of late that if one sets their intent and holds the vision of what is most desired from the perspective of feeling that exists beneath the ego's superficial emotion, miracles can and do happen (the ability to notice the difference between the ego's superficial emotions and your true feeling is a bit of a miracle itself).

The very tops of the trees are now etched in fiery orange and gold, the birds are singing even more in anticipation of the rising sun and the traffic of a nearby freeway provides a hum that actually seems to add to the music of my morning in a wonderful way.  I think sometimes we can find peace more easily if we can accept what is, change what is truly within our power and just go with the flow in the mean-time for all else. 

After a night full of the real world intruding upon my dream scape, it’s now time to change those things in my life that are definitively within my power.  I can do my share and be content that the rest is out of my hands and fear not because even the parts I cannot control will ultimately bring about what it is I most desire.  I don’t know how I know, I just know.  ~Blessings of peace, acceptance and wonder dear beautiful souls.  I hope you enjoy every moment of every day you spend here fully awake and aware here on Earth.  You’re always loved and never alone.  Not one thing or effort goes unnoticed ever.  Don’t forget that not even for one single moment.

(photo is a random internet find and I lay to no claim to it's copyright)

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