Friday, August 30, 2013

Endeavor to Change

Watching high clouds stretched across cerulean blue, I breathe in one single moment of peace.  So much chaos does this bright big and beautiful world hold just now but we don’t have to ignore it or become ensnared by it.  There are many other ways we can work with what we have to engage in the change in the world we most wish to see.  We start small with one simple step.  We start within.  How can we expect the world to change when we, ourselves, have not sincerely endeavored to gain for ourselves any sustainable change?  The matters of who is right and who is wrong can be argued into eternity and in so doing, we wholly miss the point of existence.  When we cross over from this world into the next, it is not right or wrong beliefs you stood for that will help you.

Stepping back again to gain a greater view of beautiful skies on this warm summer night, I realize I’m feeling the turmoil of conflict that exists in this world.  I cannot endeavor to change the turmoil outside of myself.  As powerful as I know I may be, I do not have that much power.  I do know that I am infinitely empowered in how I choose to look at and interpret what I see as I experience life.  I cannot explain any reality away that others face so painfully and with much suffering but I can rise above that to a place where I can see it differently.  I can choose to see all involved in conflict, strife, turmoil and suffering through the eyes of love.  I can seek to hold fast to a vision of how things should be and then realize I must attend to those same causes within me in need of healing.  I cannot change the world.  To do so would impose upon the free will of others and like it or not, I must respect free will. But I can impose change in myself; I can change me.  I can engage in bolstering strength to those who seek to make a difference.  I can send them love, energy, money, volunteer or do whatever else it takes for me to transform feelings of powerlessness to usefulness.  I know as surely as I am breathing in this now beautiful moment that there is nothing powerless within me.

The colors of the sun have come alive now painting the tips of the clouds in fiery neon pink and orange.  A beautiful sight to behold and I realize what an amazing world this is and how challenging and difficult our opportunities for learning are.  I realize my only real option in this moment is that I must hold all in a state of compassion and strive to understand that which I do not.  I only think I understand this framework.  My ego thinks it has the right to judge even that which there is no way it could truly understand.  Thanks be I can muster at least this realization.  I’m tired of thoughts.  

It is the evening on what would have been my father’s 68th birthday.  He should be here but isn’t due to his own internal turmoil and chaos.  Would that I could speak with him face to face one more time, I’d say not one word in that conversation.  I’d merely hold him so very tightly and let him know that I loved him and understood him.  I’d thank him for being my father and teaching me to see every story from every side and for the ability to ask all of the questions I continue to ask.  A philosophical mind did he encourage in me and I am infinitely grateful.  No turmoil or chaotic thoughts for me just now gazing at a beautiful sunset yet again.

The world will continue turning on her axis and as the night fades to daylight I’ll welcome my own solar return once again.  My forty-seventh, as a matter of fact and  I’m feeling so grateful and blessed to be a part of the Earth School at this precious moment in time.  I send out my love, my hopes and healing across the globe and to the hearts of men making big decisions with far reaching consequences.  I send the same to every soul.  May you all be blessed with infinite love and light forever. 

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate random internet find  - the birth of a star - hope for new beginnings).

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