Monday, February 21, 2011

The Illusion of Fear

In your creation of walls around your heart, you have already succumbed to fear.  In such a state, you are cut off from true love and can only identify with egotistical love.  You can exist there as long as you want.  You can also free yourself.  Love is the way there.  At times it becomes so easy for us to engage in battle and become warriors for what we think is right, but in so doing we can become so mired in a war we’ve lost before it even begins.  When you can stand back and truly see every soul for who they really are, understand and come to a place of compassion rather than resentment, frustration or hatred, you will free yourself to love not only you but everything in every kingdom – human, plant, animal, celestial and ethereal.

Human love is not real.  It is an illusion.  It is created by the ego to allow only a privileged few to rise to a state where you will love them.  That love is conditional.  I hear so many say that unconditional love is not possible in this frame.  That too is an illusion.  Unconditional is not only possible but is the only truth we have to work with.  We just fail to see it until we learn to understand the language.  Everything we see, hear, feel and come to know has an associated language.  Look at your home – everything there can be translated to a language spelled out with geometry…look at the interactions little planet Earth has with time and all of the celestial bodies-everything there can be translated with the language of mathematics…look at your interactions with all of the kingdoms…human, plant, animal and more…there you come to learn other languages and get your first taste of the language of love…that is, if you are looking and are not overly caught up with the ego and the illusions we must contend with in this world.  These languages have always been there but we just do not notice them and so they do not register or resonate in our consciousness.

When we learn to hear and feel the languages and like radio receivers begin to pick up the signals, the illusions that surround us start to shake us up  a bit and the more we tune in, the more everything begins to fall away.  You begin to discern what matters and what doesn’t and your choices not only begin to alter your own life but the lives of everyone on the planet.  When you fall onto the wrong side of pain and embrace the victor/victim play, you will be trapped and the scenario will repeat as your focus on your victim state calls out to the universe with that vibration and you will find you actually call that to you more.  When you can find some way to step out of that play and see instead actions/consequences, the illusion starts to come apart.  When you find a way to take that a step closer and begin to see the world and all of its inhabitants in a new light, and begin to understand the language of love, your mind will simply be blown with all that has been right there in front of you the whole time.  Love masters the all of everything.  Fear takes it all away.  We have free will and can exercise it.  There really is no wrong or right in this method of learning…there is just the experiences in this life for you to uniquely have and learn to interpret.

There is so much to digest in letting your mind escape far beyond the limits and confines that is all you know and were taught growing up in this world.  We are not as limited as we think and to truly understand what that means, you must find the beautiful light and love filled stream that flows freely within you.  When you touch it, it is light, sweet and so powerful that it can not only change you but send beautiful ripples out into the world that touch others and create conditions for them to be more open to going in and finding it.  Love is the question and the answer.  We are Love = Love is One = We are One!

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