Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Learning Life's Repeat Lessons


Do you find yourself frustrated looking back and seeing how many mistakes in life you seem to repeat?  Does it make you angry, sad, frustrated and really get the negative thoughts about you flowing?  I’ve been there and it isn’t a whole lot of fun when you see similar negative themes running through your life.  In fact, it’s down-right disheartening.  But, it really shouldn’t be.  Everything in life is a life lesson and sometimes it takes repetition in order for a lesson to really sink in.  Remember learning your multiplication tables in elementary school?  It’s really the same idea.

So, we have to accept the fact that sometimes in life, the lessons just repeat.  There may be new faces and new places that we encounter but there are bound to be similar themes that you face and handle exactly the same way you did before with the same unsatisfying result.  You might wonder how you can get free of those themes.  There are many ways to get free.  Personally, I think you need to understand the source of your decision patterns.  You need to trace the themes all the way back even if within childhood to understand where certain reactions are born.  Once you can trace the reactions back to a source somewhere in time, you are like to find pain and fear at the source of reactions that you seem to unconsciously repeat when presented with similar lessons over and over again.  Do you wonder why those themes repeat?  Well, I personally think it is because you came into this life with specific lessons that you wanted to learn.  Until you learn to act differently (notice I did not say react) when a similar theme presents itself, you can probably expect the similar themes, your familiar reactions and resulting outcomes to continue.

I hate repeat lessons and am always on the look out for them and when I find myself in the midst of one, I tend to shake my head, “Oh, no!  Not again.”  This happens to me often and I’m beginning to think I’m a slow learner but instead of getting caught up in completely negative self-talk for not getting it, as I look into the situation further and do some honest analysis, I see that my techniques do improve over time.  I notice boundaries go up quicker in a healthy way.  I’m more vocal in certain situations that tend to repeat.  I am a lot more understanding of others and also of myself because I work harder to understand the source of my reactions.  And, I now notice that when I begin to react, there are a few moments—sometimes only mere seconds—where I have a choice to decide if I will react or withdraw to understand the situation, see it from a bigger picture, attempt to see a situation through the eyes of love and then take action even if my version of taking action is taking no action.

So, don’t beat yourself up for repeat lessons.  Do yourself a favor and notice how much more quickly you do see the repeat lesson unfolding and realize that if nothing else, your reaction time is improving, your awareness is expanding and if you are open to it, you can begin to look at the core of the issue that brings the lesson to you and attempt to heal that wound that causes your reaction.  Learning about forgiveness and unconditional love not only for other people in a particular situation but primarily for yourself as you are out there doing all the learning is really going to be the key to mastery and successful learning in the Earth school.  So, I challenge you to cut yourself some slack, give yourself a break and allow yourself to be open to seeing situations and reactions within you with new eyes, a changed perspective and watch in awe and wonder as the healing begins and those nagging little repeat lessons and tests start to dissipate.  This is your life and you can do with it what you will.  Learn the things you must.  Forgive where ever you can and above all else, love yourself unconditionally no matter what!!!!!  Blessings!

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