Monday, April 30, 2012

Dig Deep

Sometimes we come to a place in life where all we seem to be met with are conflict and struggle everywhere we turn.  Tough times indeed befall us and it is in those times that we are tested to our very cores.  I hate to disappoint you, but this is why we came.  We wished to learn about all of the things incarnate we could so that we could dig deep into the emotional obscurities we have unwittingly come to allow residence within us.  These obscurities block our growth and our ability to truly shine.  So, we will be called to situation after situation that will bring to life through triggers, those things that truly hurt us the most.  I used to say it isn’t personal.  That’s not entirely true.  It is personal but just not in the way the ego would like to think.  We are not being picked on by the universe.  We are being tapped on the shoulder and being asked to seek to both understand and transcend those things that obfuscate our true purpose and mission in life.

We do have a bit of control in the exercising of our free will in terms of how we choose to come to greater understanding about that which blocks our growth.  We can go toe to toe and blow to blow with those who so graciously have agreed to act out roles in our plays with us.  We can also stop, pause and think – think very deeply and very purposefully asking to be show the truth of every situation.  If you spend some time with whatever triggers you, you can come to terms with the truth or, rather, the untruths you have told yourself about something that has happened to you.  Most of our thoughts about “less than,” “unworthiness” or “not good enough” stem from assumptions we decided at some point in our lives to hold as truths about us.  Perhaps a time did truly come where you were acting beneath yourself, in unworthy ways or you really weren’t good enough and a string of events occurred in perfect time to reinforce those assumptions.  Believe me, when it comes to assumptions about us, we are the masters at finding reinforcements in the outside world and for as long as we hold those assumptions, we will unconsciously seek out more reinforcements.

All is not lost though.  When you run across a “trigger” to such a series of assumptions or seemingly self-evident truths, stop right then and there and take a deep breath, muster your courage and dig deep.  Find the core of the belief and the string of thoughts and feelings protecting a wound and defending it’s existence within you.  I guarantee you there is something not right in your thinking that keeps the wound from healing.  Find the source, find the core – what lead to it, how was it reinforced – where inside of you does this exist?  Sit quietly and set your intent to find, feel, accept and then heal this space.  Write down your findings.  Bring them fully into the light of day and study them.  Now, consider other potentialities…think about what assumptions you made that were not valid as certainties.  What empirical evidence do you have to own the assumption as truth?  If you have no definitive or empirical evidence that your assumption about you or another is valid (and I mean source validating a truth), you have to consider potential alternatives and reasons a wound may have been created.  Through understanding and realizing that the truth you hold may really be only an assumption, perhaps the wound that you thought was inflicted, really isn’t a wound at all.  Something as simple as judging that someone doesn’t love you or they wouldn’t have said or done something, which makes you feel unworthy just isn’t true.  If it isn’t true, perhaps someone did really love you but they were going through the process of exorcising their own wounds and what you suffered was really unintentional collateral damage from which you really can heal and let go of.

You are valid as a bright, shining, worthy, loveable and amazing soul.  All those thoughts to the contrary can likely be source-searched, fully understood and healed in a matter of a short-amount of time with some concerted effort on your part.  If you can take the time to dig into this, and release the pain from wounds you never needed to take on or carry, you can remove your own emotional obscurities that create illusions in your world and block your vision from the truth about love and light in this world.  It is possible but each soul must decide how they wish to engage themselves in this play we call life.  We have free will and we can exercise it freely within to find the truth, the source of our blockages and set them free.  It’s up to us.  

Here is an unexpected truth.  The patterns in your life that bring you pain through different places and situations will recur and continually repeat in different ways until you get to the core of what is trying to get your attention to healing.  When you get so sick and tired of enduring the same trauma and drama over and over again, you will learn that you are being empowered with an opportunity to stop the wounding and protection cycle.  We protect our wounds by getting angry at those who trigger us. In actuality, those brave souls are really helping you.  Thank them for showing you the sore spots that need healing and detach to go within and begin the true meaningful journey of healing in your life.  Its worth the effort, I promise you.  Blessings of higher love and healing.  This post is dedicated to every soul I’ve ever met who exposed in me a trigger and a wound that needed healing.  Thank you. 

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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