Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Comfortably Numb

We, as a people, are so epically under developed in terms of our senses.  Day in and day out our senses become numbed beyond comprehension by egotistical pursuits and pain and we are so unaware.  We don’t appropriately understand the need, I mean core-level need, to have about us all of our God-given faculties.  We pursue people, things, feelings – all outside of ourselves to feed the insatiable ego at the expense of the state of our souls.  We are not intrinsically bad in such endeavors, just unaware and the truth is that for every moment we remain unaware, we commit ourselves to this vicious cycle of same, same and same.  I don’t know about you but quite some time ago, that concept became so distasteful to me.  I was probably the leader of the pack in terms of pursuing those things that kept all of my senses, all of my hopes and all of my dreams in this thick, murky and nebulous comfortably numb state of total unawareness.  I’ll tell you what it brought me – years and years of blindness and pain to the truth of this world, the truth about life and most definitely, the truth about me.

Other cultures and societies on our own planet Earth learned to tap into these God-given senses and they were so often ridiculed, persecuted and judged by an ignorant and fearful majority that their great lessons are lost to antiquity.  Some of us strive so hard to recover the truths these other cultures have found.  For one who looks, even just a little, you will see the traces of this knowledge and understanding on every continent that now covers the Earth.  Yet, still, the ignorant and fearful majority ridicules, persecutes and judges those who pursue the truth.  It’s a sad state in reality.  I cannot judge them as bad for their actions because at heart I understand truly the nature of fear and how it has the capacity to warp and twist a mind, heart and soul.  In our own lack of faith and trust in what we can feel as the truth, we lock ourselves away in our own prisons of heinous thoughtless design.  There it is we stay until we become so spiritually toxic, so emotionally sick and so mentally frustrated that we begin to look within for some way out.

I cannot present a problem without a solution.  There are many solutions to be had in this world and so many can be found right inside the hearts of us.  There is more than one language for example.  We have the languages of literal written and spoken symbols used across the globe.  It is just as don Miguel Ruiz writes, these symbols are inadequate to fully express the truth about anything.  Until we can learn to feel the power of the strength and feelings within our bodies we will be unable to understand some of the things our limited symbols do not cover.  When speaking to a soul on planet Earth, if you listen only to the words they are speaking, you are missing volumes of very valuable and pertinent information that needs to be understood in order to truly hear what a person is really saying.  It’s only guesswork to try to read between the lines because your own egotistical wounds and filters will tell you only what it wants to perceive in order to make it better than the person speaking.  If we cannot learn to “feel” and I mean really “feel” what the other person is trying to tell us with all of our senses (mind, heart, body, soul and spirit), we will only ever learn bits and pieces of a lesson presenting itself and may miss a beautiful opportunity to participate in life.  We may also mistake what we think we are hearing if we get so hung up on the words and syntax alone.  There is more, so much more and you cannot read these separately and get the whole picture.  You must learn to take them in all at once.

So much on this Earth presented to us can be misread and misunderstood creating emotions, assuming the worst possible scenario driving us deeper behind our walls of fear.  These fears exploited by governments, politicians and the crafty egotistically wounded people can drive you into seeking numbness in order to exist and feel safe.  These designs force you into protective mode and perpetuate cycles of bare existence moving from one distraction to the next that continues to dull the senses further. 

Reconnect to the human race, the truth about who we really are and what we are capable of.  Forget about complacency and the seeming safety of known evils and ignoring what your senses are telling you.  Get quiet often and learn to feel your way through things, conversations and situations.  Everything is speaking all the time, as a dear soul to me so often says.  Its true.  A rock will speak to you.  A tree will speak to you.  Even a bird will speak to you.  Oh, not in the limited language of inadequate symbols but through the heart, through feeling and through the soul.  There are frequencies of information playing on low in the background, like a radio with the sound turned way down, all the time.  When we begin to listen for the sound, the feeling and the meaning, you will begin to hear the languages and through repeated listening, you will begin to feel and understand and awaken all of the senses you came to this Earth with.  Forget comfortably numb.  Don’t remain part of the problems of this world.  Step outside the comforts of complacency and learn how to listen.  Your life will become so much more rich, fascinating and ultimately joyful for you.

Rant over, I’m off to finish cooking dinner.  I love learning and learning to truly listen with all of my senses has been one of my life’s greatest discoveries and I am still learning.  I am just absolutely loving every single minute of it.   I hope you discover the beauty of learning and feeling along these lines too.  If you haven’t found that space yet, just set your intent, relax and open up to it.  With practice, it will come as will people to help you understand.  ~Brightest blessings dearest souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

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