Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dream in Love, Dream in Light

Oh this dream grows ever more interesting…the sights, the sensations, the knowledge and experience gained.  I shake my head sometimes in awe of the connections and confirmations everywhere I turn.  The design of life is both beautiful and tragic, seemingly.  It truly is a matter of perspective.  We can focus on demons and darkness or shadows.  We can focus on angles and light or love.  It’s all up to us and the way we wish to dream as well as what our soul dictates we most need to learn while we’re dreaming here.  What I think I love the most in this world are those moments between daylight and night or night and daylight – where every energy, breath and thought hangs in perfect balance.  When that perfect moment of equanimity strikes,  it has an unmistakable impact on the soul, the mind and even the heart.  In those rare moments of balance and clarity, we know that everything is truly perfect.  I love life so much and this dream, well, goodness.  All I can seem to say is that it is truly, sincerely, divinely perfect in every step and breath, experience and sensation.
In those very quiet moments in which I feel I am most alone, I reach out with my soul and I can feel how much I am a part of everything and then, if I really let go and tune in, I begin to really comprehend that I am never alone.  In quiet moments of stillness and peace I can feel the heart beats of all those I love both on this side of the veil and beyond.  It’s true what they say that love—once you find it or it finds you, it is never ever lost. 

 Love is the one thing that we take with us where ever we go.  It’s essence is more valuable than all of the gold and other precious elements of this Earth and among all the stars and planets in existence.  The soul is made for love and compassion to both give it and receive it.  We need only open up to it and let it flow.  It’s so simple.  All of the drama we create to divert our attention and create our lessons—I laugh sometimes.  We are like master programmers of the most amazing games and dreams we can imagine.  We set the pace, the time-frame, the keys and levels –all of it.  We are the master planners, gatekeepers and dreamers.  It’s so funny how much fog we create to obscure our own divine vision.  But rest assured that you are the architect and as much as you create diversions and walls, shadows and smoke, you always retain the power for mastery and clarity of your own designs.

We are so powerful.  Our words give off so much magnetic energy.  We draw to us those things we need born of the very thoughts we think.  We drive and yet we do not know we are in the driver’s seat.  We create unimaginable things and start to think, “this is too much for me, hand it over to God, let God deal with it” – always seeking rescue.  We are children of Source and our benevolent Creator has empowered us with the gift of creation in our own lives.  If we have created something that is too much for us, we need only clear our minds, our hearts and our thoughts and create anew, create more cleanly with greater love, compassion and understand.  We hold the tools and the powers to manifest our divine destiny.  We just unconsciously wield those tools and power.  Step into your light and Source given love and strength.  Master your world in clear confidence that it is perfect, you are perfect and your brothers and sisters dreaming here with you are also perfect.  See the truth through the illusion of small-minded thinking.  You are better than that.  So much better than that.  Be the love and the light you want and need most in this world.  Heal the pain from the illusions you have created with your own minds…see your experiences from a macro view point instead of the micro view of an ego wounded and fearful and you will be free.  You will learn to control the elements of your dreams.  Step out of the shadows and shine your lights. Give yourself permission to throw off unnecessary mind-created limitations and step more closely into the Mind of the All of Everything.  Life is beautiful and precious.  Enjoy your dreams in love and pure light.  ~Blessings dearest souls.

(c) 2012, Jaie Hart (photo source imprinted on photo and is not mine - I just love it.)

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