Saturday, September 6, 2008

Empty Heart

My heart felt heavy
Yearning for release
Driving while the tears fell
I didn’t know where to go

No escape from this consuming feeling
I couldn’t escape my skin
So I turned up the music and drove faster
I stopped at the Pacific

I watched the sun sink deep into the water
I watched the fiery orange colors fade to pink
And then pale blue
And by gray no more tears would come

I was frozen by the roar of the waves
Struck by the hissing white water and foam
Transfixed, engulfed and finally
The peace did come

My heart now empty
My soul now lighter
A prayer went up and out from me
I trust it will be answered

I trust the peace will remain
I know the calm will save me
The cool sand at my feet
Breeze gently blowing

I wanted to melt away
Drift away
Run away
But there was nowhere to go

So I knelt there in the sand
And just watched the water crash in
And watched the tide go out
Just breathing, no thought

I looked down at my hands
Felt the warmth from within
Knew that love lived inside of me
And would ultimately save me

As within so without
With patience
I wait

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