Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hold on to Your Dreams

I stepped outside this morning very early and saw a beautiful twinkling sky. On the edge of my horizon I could see a fog bank just beginning to roll in. The air is cool and damp and I’m reminded at once how peaceful the world seems in the dark. It’s still early this fall morning and I find that like many other mornings, I am deeply contemplative. I have so much in my life to be grateful for. I have four beautiful children that are truly the bright sparkling lights in my life. I’ve got a great job that brings me a sense of deep satisfaction. I’ve got a nice car, nice clothing and things I take great pleasure in.

My thoughts meander gently through the past but not so deep as to disrupt the flow of a light and easy morning. I’ve been through abrupt changes, changes imposed involuntarily from without but I’m grateful for the wit, the patience and ingenuity to navigate those changes and maintain a clearly positive disposition. I’ve had my moments of terror, tears and fears but they were short-lived thankfully due in large part to some very wonderful angels on Earth I’m lucky enough to have in my sphere of existence. I’ve learned from all of those moments and have taken each of the lessons deeply to heart. I write about them constantly because I don’t want to ever forget the pain, what I did to lead me into those situations and how I managed to extricate myself and move back into the light of the sun.

I have my dreams still with me. At times I considered them mere folly, fairy tales and thought it was time to put childish things away but when I did that I grew so sad and felt life was more futile than something you live with vigor and hope. So, I grabbed hold of those dreams and pulled them back out into the light of day. I’m making changes in my life in order to support a new vision. It makes no sense to go after shattered dreams in the same manner as times passed. It’s time to hold those renewed dreams in focus, know without a shadow of a doubt they are coming true and then do everything differently than I’ve ever done before to ensure I’ve given those dreams enough nurturing in a positive way to allow them to become a reality.

My dreams, the main one, has always surrounded love and partnership. I’m not sure how I’ll get there from here but I trust that I need only to set my intent, hold onto all those lessons hard-won and be open to infinite possibilities. It’s hard to imagine finding what I search for…but I know that I will have it, I’ve earned it and I’m paying attention to such keen details in order to ensure that past lessons are not repeated. I think that although at times I become disheartened, there is a part of me that knows if I get it right in my thoughts, get it right in my vision, I will not fail, failure will not be possible. I’ll never give up because I sense it’s so close. I need not worry or stress about what I don’t have. Part of the new lesson is focusing on what I do have, what I have done and keeping my dreams alive.

It’s the same for any desire you know. You need only hold it in your vision, believe from the core of your being you will have what you seek and then begin to do things a little differently to ensure you don’t get more of undesireable sameness you’ve experienced in the past. Success isn’t something you achieve, it’s something you hold and exude from the core of your soul. You push out the doubtful and fearful thoughts the ego will always hold and you strive every day to appreciate what you have and remain open to possibilities. You then can draw to you those things of your dreams, your deepest desires and while you’re at it, maintain a sense of self-love no matter what heinous things you think you have done. There are no mistakes in life, just actions and reactions.

My message for the day is to hold on to your dreams, thank the Source that they became real and then wait patiently living life differently and soon you will realize more than you dreamed. Believe!

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