Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spirit of the American People

I wrote this one 7 years ago today...a very sad day in our history but also an inspirational day when people rallied in support of the fallen. I remember the tears. I remember the anger. I remember the fear. Let us never forget.

I am the Spirit of the American People
And I am unspeakably Angry!
Your religious fanaticism has tortured
the world time and time again, but to what end?

You have wounded me today,
But you have underestimated me.
Because of your horribly inhumane actions
You have served only to strengthen me.

There is no place that you can hide
Where you won't feel me behind you .
My presence will grow and haunt you
All the days of your life!

I was born of inspiration,
Courage, blood, sweat and tears!
Born of fighters for the pursuit of life,
Liberty, truth and happiness!

Your futile attempts
To weaken me
And bend me to your will
Have utterly failed!

I will rise above the wounds you have ruthlessly inflicted!
I will clear the ashes and morn the destruction!
I will heal the hearts of the families who's loved ones had death forced upon them At your hand!
When I am through, I will serve to threaten your very existence!

Humanity will win over hatred every time!
Now its time you learn...
I have a prayer for you:

May you feel the stinging tears of every child who's parents won't be tucking them In at night anymore...
May you feel the terror, agony and dire sadness of my people...
Who must now spend their lives without the loved ones you ripped heartlessly away...
May you reach deep within yourself, find your black heart and beg God for forgiveness!

Rest well and think hard.
Know that you will never, ever destroy me.
You may attack me and wound me!
But you will never kill me!
I am the Spirit of the American People and
Despite your very existence, I will live on!

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