Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, I’m doing something very different. So much of my life, I’ve spent ignorant of things because I just didn’t want to deal with them. Take oh, something really important, like finances. For the first time in my life I have a savings account that actually has money in it. I have a goal too, find a way to grow that money and pay off debt in 8 months so I can have the option to buy a condo if the price is right. I need only about $5K more for a down payment and I should be set. But, my debt ratio right now is way too high. Consequence of some poor decisions I just won’t belabor here but I can fix this. I will fix this because I believe I will be successful. Failure is not an option I will contemplate because I need a home for my kids (and a decent tax deduction…can’t use day care anymore…thanks IRS).

So, luckily in my sphere are a couple of folks knowledgeable in investing and I plan to pick their brains. I’m reading everything I can, learning about trading and how to watch the market. I’ve not yet made my first trade although I’m very eager too. I want to be a mature and responsible adult suddenly at age 42. I’ve got so much lost time to make up for. Being a single mother and living in Orange County California does not promote the ability to save money or pay down debt. So, I will find a way. If I have to get a second job to achieve my goals, I will do it. I will pay off a significant debt, I will put more in savings and I will have the means should a condo at the right price in the city I wish to live in become available. Again, failure is not an option.

As with anything important in life, you have to set a goal and really own that goal by pulling it as close to your core as possible…becoming one with it…living and breathing it. Writing your goals down somewhere you can visibly see them is important. I have some changes I have to make that will help me get there. One for starters is come hell or high water I will quit smoking all the way. That alone would put an extra $100 a month in either savings or on the debt. I just have to do it and quit reacting to the stresses of life like a big baby. I’m not a baby any more. I’m an intelligent and mature woman and it’s time I started acting like it in every regard in every aspect of my life.

I’m tired of allowing set backs to push me into reactive mode. Set backs are only an opportunity to change your options or path for a better one. The trick is never giving up on your dreams and goals no matter what they are. But, you need to provide your own incentive and one of the best ways is to reward yourself for successful small steps along the way. I’ve got many such milestones measured out on the calendar/date book and I plan to celebrate along the way. I’m also going to stop the retail therapy. Good Lord knows I don’t need another suit, another pair of shorts, another pair of shoes or a really cute top. Ugh! Those things might be a quick fix in the moment but succumbing to such superficial desires derails me from a goal I set that I have only 8 or so months to accomplish. So, I guess I’ll have to write more…hey, maybe I should publish the damn book I wrote…if I can get it published maybe I could earn a little money to help with the housing fund…I’m seeing another goal being added to the list.

I think I may also downsize a few things, sell off the furniture I’m not using and do I really need the $6K bedroom set? I might be able to get a few thousand for it and know that I could get by with something less fancy. If you want to achieve goals and be successful, you sometimes have to sacrifice. I’m also consulting a financial planner to help me figure this all out in a mature and responsible way. I’ve been okay with money but no savings beyond my 401K. That’s not mature or smart at all. I’ve lived too much for the day not giving thought to tomorrow. I need to have money for retirement at some point or I’ll be working up to the point I suck down my last breath. Ewh! I’d hate that!

So, I’m going to go play some tennis again tonight and let some ideas swirl and percolate a bit. I’m then going to sit down and write out my plan. I will copy it and post it by the front door…in my car…on my bedroom mirror. I will remind myself that I will be successful, I can achieve my goal…success is in my core and I will extend it outward in this area too.

Message for the day…Set your goals, believe they will be accomplished, get off your behind and go make your goals and dreams a reality! You can do it!

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