Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Game Where Love Doesn't Matter

So, a new friend recently re-introduced me to a game. It's one I had learned to play about 15 years ago. I took lessons and my boss and I would go play on the weekends. We learned the strokes, the moves and had so much fun. But it was more of something to do than something I was really into. Today, however, I love to play tennis!!!! I'm re-learning, practicing a lot and having the best time. I've found a new love in an old friend re-introduced to me by a new friend!

Tennis is cool. It's a game where the objective is certainly not love (something I delight in at the moment)! I find that with the high stress life of a single career mom, smashing my little yellow friends around on the courts or against the wall are a huge stress reliever. Not to mention a very thorough and tiring work out. I play and/or practice now about 3-4 times a week for one to one and a half hours. There is this zen like feeling when you are in the zone and you find your position, the ball and your stroke all come together perfectly to send the ball right back over the net to where your opponent or fellow friend in practice might be. Now when I get stressed, I crave the feeling of my racket in my hand and I want nothing more than to feel the power as I swing it at a fast moving ball. So, now after meetings I actually think about whether I have time to go find a park and play for even 15 minutes. Okay, so I'm hooked!

I think also I'm so infatuated with the game because it's one that you play outside. I play in the evenings after work. Right now there is still plenty of sunlight so it's great but I'm worried about the end of fall when the days start to grow very short. I wonder what I'll do then. No need to borrow trouble I suppose and tonight, I get to go play in the sunshine with the sea breeze blowing through my hair, keeping me nice and cool. I can't wait...just a few more minutes to go and I'm off to play.

It's important in life to find something that you love, something that you enjoy and hold that one thing as a special or sacred gift you give to yourself when the going gets tough. Better yet, have several of those things. For me, the beach is another thing I can do year around and then, there is of course, writing. Something I hope to get better at in time and with much practice (daily practice for me is routine...just don't publish as much as I write). Well, the time has come for me to go, so I'll sign off for now. May you find you bliss this evening in whatever it is you may be doing.

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