Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lights in the Dark

I drove home in the dark tonight.
Long stretches of turning freeway...
Dark patches of nothing thanks to the black sky...
Tiny lights reflecting rays across my view at every turn.

I had a beautiful day today.
Most days are beautiful to me...
But this one especially so...
Time spent with a good friend had my spirits high.

Simple pleasures and kindness.
Such a lovely combination...
Makes for a very relaxing day,
One the best birthdays I can remember.

I drove through the night counting the miles...
Once I hit the half-way mark,
The darkness gave way to a sea of lights...
The hills of San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano.

Those are my land-marks for almost home.
I always loved the lights at night.
Something stirring and magical existed,
Thinking about where they all come from.

Hundreds of thousand of folks,
Residing in their own tiny version of the universe...
Some happy some sad,
But I take comfort in both their distance and proximity.

More miles and minutes elapse,
And I’m at the home stretch.
I make my final turns towards home,
Pleasantly distracted with memories.

Tonight I’m grateful I made it another year.
I’m grateful to have a home to come to.
I’m grateful for long drives, dark and light.
And I’m grateful for my new friend.

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