Monday, May 25, 2015

Anger and the River of Compassion

There are things we see in life that make us very angry. For different reasons ire can rise and before long we are so negatively affected, we lose our ability to think with any form of balance.

Anger and forgiveness are two sentiments which do not seem to go together at all but one can help heal the other. However, you will be unable to navigate the passage way between these two points without opening to the idea of understanding and then compassion.

Thich Nhat Hanh discusses this topic in several of his books and in one book that comes to mind, Be Free Where You Are, this concept is so simply explained. It is so very easy to judge in anger and to even take action on that anger when emotional.

But if we can stop for just a moment and reflect on the message anger is really trying to bring us, we might have an opportunity to glimpse that beautiful light path of understanding that flows like a river of compassion to forgiveness.

It seems impossible to apply to some situations, people or even things we’ve had to contend with. I guess there is a choice to be made and that choice is either carry the heavy weight of anger or open our hearts to the possibility of healing.

We can be angry and justifiably so for any given situation but how does that really sit with you? Do you see that anger, like other emotions is a message to you from you that something within you is trying to push you beyond the superficial and into the deeper end of the river of compassion and love?

It may take a leap sometimes but these passage ways exist. They exist but they don’t really come from the outside. They come from within you. Every emotion and choice begins and ends with you. Whatever you choose, you will choose rightly for you.

If you find discomfort in your choice, reflect. Reflect long and hard on the message that is trying to rise within and you’ll be carried further down stream from anger to forgiveness.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo and words)

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