Saturday, May 23, 2015

Let Us Change the World

Would that we could live in a world where our differences were celebrated with earnest and innocent curiosity. To me, the dichotomies we experience in our cultures, our beingness, and our spiritual practices are the most amazing parts of our Earthly existence. We would not fear our differences so if we could but take one single moment to open our hearts and strive for a moment of understanding.
So much strife do I see in this world and to me it seems unnecessary but as much as it pains me, I wonder does it have a purpose I have yet to understand? Not that I promote the fear and division machinations in existence for as surely as I am here breathing I would emphatically state, I do not.

If we could learn to feel a little more, I often think — feel that space within us that twists as we engage in any activity that minimizes any class, culture or practice just because it is not our own, oh my what we might learn! I’m an idealist at heart I suppose and mostly an optimist but it is the realistic part of me that feels heavy with emotion at the things I see and hear.

I wish only to understand, to lend a hand and learn to take greater command of my own emotions for they do not help with these already weighty worldly things. Instead I think I should like to see a world striving for a bit more harmony. A silly wish from the innocent child within me still maybe? But maybe it’s something else. Maybe there is yet a power within us all from that moment of freedom still resident within us carrying our youthful tolerance where we didn’t care about borders or colors or differing practices. There were those moments we embraced our play together in the schoolyard. What happened to those days and more importantly, that shared sentiment?

These thoughts do not have to be put away as childish things for I think we have much to learn from the child within and it is simply this: Keep your heart open, stay curious and find compassion for all. When you seek understanding and listen to the heart’s voice within, you change the world. 

Let us change the world.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo: NASA)

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