Sunday, May 17, 2015

Obscuring the Light or Finding It

Of all of the secrets of life, one key to our well-being is understanding the nature of the behavior of humanity. Through this understanding, we can come to love humanity as it is with compassion. There are those who have no concept or idea that:
  • Their flame does not shine brighter by extinguishing someone else’s,
  • They do not need to take the flame of another in order to shine, and
  • That their flame exists and if kept from obscuring debris, can help them improve their life experience as well as keep others striving to shine and stand in their own light.
This is a tough game that the ego just cannot grasp but let us not pick on the ego too much as that has been overly done for far too long. We cannot escape this by blaming the ego and walking away. We must address this matter head on, courageously, intentionally and with much faith in our own ability to shine.

We cannot find another’s flame for them as that is not our role. Our role, in truth, is to learn to find our own flame within and identify that which has blocked it. Once we can do that, our own flame shines forth like a beacon lighting not only our path but the paths of those around us.

We are all bearers of the flame of which I speak but some of us do not yet understand what this means. It doesn’t help to call those out who have lost sight of their flame or are ignorant of its existence. We must lead way through the darkness by finding and then standing squarely in our own light. In other words, we simply live the example.

The truth is, we all can shine. We simply must just choose to, learn as best as we can how to shine our light and for those that struggle with this concept, we need to realize our role is merely to lead an example.

In summation, we are never made better by taking someone else down. When we stand together and support each other, we are stronger because we are working in alignment with our light rather than working against it.

These little things are no trivial things. Twist this spiritual concept into psychology and familial relationships, into the work-place, into your friendships and begin to understand how they may apply. By working together and supporting each other, we all shine.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo: NASA)

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