Thursday, May 28, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

This body may be imperfect by your standards,
But it's mine, I own it and I am quite comfortable in it.
My smile may be imperfect by your standards,
But it's mine and I shall choose to give it often.

My hair is turning gray and you might like to take pleasure in that,
But I am grateful, each strand represents a lesson I won't have to repeat.
My mind may be imperfect by your standards,
But it's mine and after many years, I have learned to make it my friend.

My emotions may be misplaced by your standards,
But they are mine and I shall choose to display them authentically.
My compassion for all may seem undeserved for some by your standards,
But I will always strive to see the beauty in every soul regardless of your opinions.

My physical stature may make me stand out to some as a six-foot tall woman,
But my physical stature is less important to me than my capacity to love.
Poke fun at me as you will but deep down inside, I know and you know,
You take pleasure in my pain only from your own unhealed wounds,
The ones we both know other unthinking souls have left you with...
And that very fact will evoke love and compassion in me for you.

I may not be the best writer, poet, mother, employee, family member or friend,
But I love with all of my heart, I exist to serve humanity and will love every moment of it.
I stumble on words sometimes for fear of how they may be misunderstood,
But I will always find the courage to speak them, straight from the heart.

Despite what this world might think of me,
Like you, I have the right to be here, live, love and exist.
I'm not here for your pleasure or to be the recipient of your painful actions,
But I will always hope you find the love and light in your life...
That my existence may somehow help improve yours,
And that this world brings you more than ever you'd have hoped for.

No, I may not be perfect by anyone else's standards in existence,
But after all of my travels and lessons in life,
I have finally come to love and accept me as I am...
And I will strive always and ever to show you,
You can love and accept you too
You are perfectly imperfect as are we all.

© 2014, Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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