Monday, May 25, 2015

Is Your Success Hollow?

There are many definitions of success in practice in this world. Some would consider success in mere financial terms, some might consider success only in social terms and some might consider success to mean positions of power. To each, success has its own definition and for a very good reason.
Far be it for me or any other to judge another’s version of success because we just cannot possibly know what another’s life lessons entail. Perhaps for some, they wished to learn about poverty, lack, or strife and struggle? If they achieve those life lessons, would they not also be achieving success if they are truly learning from those things?

I once measured success by the standards of others and took every step to get where my goal set by the ideals of others would have me go. When I achieved them (which I have to admit I have achieved everything I set out to do when I put effort and imagination into it with all of my heart), I realized that my version of success is not what everyone else’s is.  It did not result in happiness for me.

So, I gave up position, title and extra money. I gave up pursuing the ideas of what others would normally consider success and spent some time focusing and reflecting on what success truly meant to me. In an instant of clarity amidst much chaos, everything changed.

I found what success meant to me and decided to align my efforts with that idea and focus on the challenging and beautiful parts of my life to better understand them. My idea of success no longer includes money, too many possessions, position or power. I’ve simplified my own version because that is what called to me.

The result? Much more peace, much more happiness and much more time for further reflection and refinement of my focus on what matters to me most. I wish to understand my life lessons. That’s it. So simple. That is success to me: learning to live and understanding the little things that drive us to do what we do.  It matters more to me the things that'll stay with me when I one day choose to leave this realm when my last breath is taken.

Whatever your definition of success, pursue it with all of your heart and you will achieve it if you’re ready to take the steps, build courage and the tenacity to do whatever it is you set your heart and mind to. Never mind how anyone else defines success and please resist the urge to measure yourself worth by the success of others. When you achieve someone else’s version of success, the victory is hollow. Focus on what means most to you and your own life enrichment because THAT is the definition of success that matters most.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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