Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Deadly Belief

One of the deadliest beliefs for the human psyche to hold is, “I’m not good enough.”

Now this particular belief is so very complex that likely the majority of those who hold it are not even aware that they hold it. The belief has become like an insidious form of malware hidden deep within the operating system of our consciousness.

I’m Not Good Enough!

 This belief is interesting in that originally it was given us by the outside world in some way. In part we agreed to it based on the evidence our perception was convinced was real. But it wasn’t real. The sad part is when this deadly agreement was formed between the outside world’s insistence and the internalized doubt of a fragile consciousness, it ended up rooted deeply within the psyche and began to shape our view of ourselves, direct our perceptions, assumptions and ultimately our actions.

You won’t necessarily know that you hold such an unconscious belief until you learn to spot the signs of its existence in your life. Those signs can be many and varied. From something as simple as tolerating bad behavior, abuse of any kind or routinely running into people who verbalize or in some way show us we are unworthy to becoming co-dependent or a people pleaser in defense.

 Is it true? How do you know?

 It’s a challenging life lesson to be sure but there is hope and there is help! We can learn to identify hidden beliefs by becoming very curious about what upsets us, what triggers us into codependency or people pleasing, looking at the fears we hold and our reaction to life all around us. When we realize the feelings rising within us are in part messages from somewhere within us that rejects this hidden belief, that is when the fun of eliminating the belief begins.
We can take these kinds of beliefs apart but we have to be courageous, we have to be strong and we have to fearlessly embrace all that seemingly frightens us deep within the inner cores of our beings. Some of us can’t do this on our own and need trained assistance to get there. So do whatever it takes to get there because when you do, when you’ve learned to heed the call of your inner being, you set yourself free from the frame of an ideal formed based on a false belief that never really had anything to do with you.

 Get Yourself Free From That Frame!

 When we find the hidden beliefs within and seek to understand them, we then can decide which ones we wish to continue learning from and which ones we don’t. When you begin to toss away the deadly belief of “I’m not good enough,” your life will change for the better. It’s not an over-night assignment from which to learn. It takes time and patience as well as a true willingness to work at it.

I have met so many souls who carry this hidden belief within them that it breaks my heart. I can see it because I too used to hold that belief and I held it until it nearly broke me. But when my world seemed to begin to break apart, I found the belief trying to get my attention all along. When I understood its source and found forgiveness and gratitude for the opportunity to learn the lesson, I was free. The rest of the surrounding lessons then become concerned with habit breaking and that is easy (says the former smoker).

Clearer Internal Vision Improves Your life. You Are Worth It!

 You must understand how amazing you truly are and you will when you find each of those things that fogs your vision and prevents you from feeling the truth. You deserve the truth, to see it, to touch it and to feel it. The mind can play tricks on you but that deep inner knowing will not. It will just continue to try to get your attention by bringing you people and situations that attract you to the most painful parts of that hidden belief until you find it, learn from it, understand it and then let it go. There won’t be any parties, trophies or awards when you let go. But you’ll be paid in something worth much, much more than any of those things – self love and self-respect. Is it worth it to try? For me, the answer was definitively YES!

Just some food for thought! Be amazing! You are that!

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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