Saturday, May 9, 2015

When a Cold Breeze Blows

Oh the things we miss with an untrained eye, a closed mind or a walled off heart. I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss. That is until certain things become too painful to miss.

Something as simple as a breeze and the way we react to it is a fine example. Have you ever noticed how you normally react to a chilly breeze? We usually turn our backs to it without even giving much though to the action itself. The body simply begins to move in order to protect itself.

There are people in our lives like a chilly breeze and maybe it is we who are that chilly breeze wondering why our approach finds us seeing the backs of others as they turn away.  It can be painful until we learn to understand.

Alternatively, consider a warm sunny summer breeze. Have you ever encountered one and turned directly into it as if it would fill you up with blessed beautiful light? We unconsciously will turn toward a warm and beautiful sunny breeze. It’s very natural. The body just begins to move in order to reward itself and enjoy an uplifting moment.

There are people in our lives like a sunny summer breeze or maybe it is we who are that sunny summer breeze grateful to find our approach is met by outstretched arms to greet us.

With little ability or desire to observe, so much goes unnoticed. But with even a little effort we can grow in our understanding. The cold breeze doesn’t know it is a cold breeze, it just is. The sunny summer breezed doesn’t care if it blows, it just does. But what about people who fall into these metaphorical categories? What about them?

Is there a right way or wrong way to be or to react? I don’t think so really. We will protect ourselves when necessary and shouldn’t doubt ourselves when everything in us says it’s time to turn away. We can do so with love in our hearts for ourselves and our need to protect what we hold dear. We’ll also open ourselves when necessary and shouldn’t doubt ourselves when everything in us says we shouldn’t be so open.

There are actions in this life and there are consequences. There are thoughts and judgments about all we encounter. Some of life’s greatest lessons are bound up in just the way we show up and present ourselves. Be you a cold breeze or a warm sunny one from a personality perspective, you will live and you will learn and you will teach all around you. There is merit in this teaching and learning and I for one choose to see it this way rather than in terms of what is wrong and what is right.

If you want to be embraced, seek you the company of those warm of heart and perhaps allowing them to teach you the way. You will learn from them about love. If you wish to better understand your own turning away or others that turn from you, seek you the deep well of understanding within you for there is a great life lesson afoot and you can learn if you have the desire to learn.

However you are and what ever you do, be authentically and beautifully you. Enjoy this life as it is and all of humanity just as it is as well.  Blessings.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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