Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Soul's Intent

Intent is our conscious readiness to pursue a specific outcome as we engage in our actions and interactions with others.  We set our intent to have a good day and we work on thinking positive thoughts to get there.  We may set our intent to get a job and so we create a resume, review the want adds and then we apply.  We set our intent to find good friends or partners and then we take steps towards those goals.  These are all examples of conscious intent.  We can all resonate with this right?  Well, what happens when we set our intent, we take all of the steps needed to get there and the end result never materializes?  As frustrating as it might seem, I think that sometimes we can't manifest our conscious intent because our soul's intent is in conflict. 

The soul has intent too that you may not be consciously aware of at all.  The soul's intent can be baffling, frustrating and down-right tiring to discern.  When our conscious intent is contrary to our soul's intent, we never seem to reach our conscious goals or they just don't seem to fully manifest.  When this occurs, its likely that our conscious intent is at odds with our soul's intent.  So, how do we know when the soul's intent is at odds with our conscious intent?  I think that we can find the answer in the things that we've done that seem to align with our conscious intent but we do something unconsciously that brings us a different result than that which we were consciously striving for.  I believe that the soul has a full grasp of what it intended to create in this world for you to learn from.  You may look back at certain decisions and wonder, what in the heck ever possessed me to make THAT decision?  It's so clearly out of sync with what I was truly striving for.  As puzzling as it might be, I think it is during these times that the soul's intent for a certain experience simply overruled the conscious mind.  It happens and usually for our ultimate good even if at first that does not seem so.

So, if you want to better understand what your soul's intent for learning is, take a look at your seemingly unconscious decisions and pay very close attention to the experiences that manifested for you.  It's entirely likely that you learned something valuable that you didn't really realize you were striving for.  Each individual must truly begin to learn to discern their own true path.  You do this by paying very close attention to not only those things that you want but those things that you end up with.  Absolutely everything in your lives matters - the seemingly good decisions and the bad ones.  Try not to beat yourself up too hard when things don't turn out exactly as you intended.  Instead, take heart and realize the soul of you may have had a much bigger goal or lesson in mind for you.  That's not to say you should give up on your goals but maybe, perhaps, you may want to rethink or go about them differently.

Just some food for thought beautiful dreamers.  This life is intended to enrich you, bring you various experiences you are creating whether you realize it or not and to give you greater understanding about you and this dream we call life.  Happy dreaming dear ones!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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