Monday, September 10, 2012

Reconciling Assumption

I have learned something of late that is so very important.  I've written about it before from some knowing part of my soul that didn't truly realize the grave importance of the matter but knew my consciousness was onto something.  You all have your beliefs and experience as I do mine.  Mine have shed light on a certain topic that I didn't quite understand until an experimental search for something in the ether this past Sunday.  I set my intent and found what I was looking for.  I found an assumption created in another time and one that I held for good and valiant reasons but my assumptions were wrong and with those unreconciled assumptions, I carried a wound deep within my soul that created 3 primary undesired results.  I will spare you the boredom of the details and although, I may decide to write of my specific experiment in more depth at another time but the details of the event were not as important as the findings.

To get straight to the point, which I'm often not good at...I tend to meander and explore as I write and understand but this, this is just too important.  It's going to sound very simple dear ones but I assure you it isn't.  The realization after reviewing the results of my experiment was this:  Explore and understand every single assumption you've created in this life and do so before you leave it.  If you do not attempt to seek out all of your assumptions and the emotions they create, you may unwittingly end up carrying a burden of pain you were never ever meant to carry beyond this life and possibly, into the next one.  I suffered my burden so long it would blow your mind to know the truth.  Be that as it may, I followed a hunch and did some digging and with the help of a wonderful soul I found the source of something I carried without knowing.

Another thing I learned and this one will be very hard for many to accept so for those I ask you skip over this part and consider it my own crazy experience of which you wish to take no part in.  Souls choose how they will come into this world and how they will leave.  Each soul desires it's own experience.  Often at the time of death, a soul has already left the body so there isn't the suffering that so many wring their hands and their hearts over.  I'm not here to debate, as I qualify in my about me description - I'm here to figure out my own thoughts for good or ill and offer up my  learnings to those who may find them of interest.  For those not interested, I take no offense and wish only to share the things I think about and figure out sufficiently for my own present sense of satisfaction.  For so long on this journey I have walked a path of mystical, spiritual and magical things completely alone with no frame of reference and no one to help me understand that which I experienced.  So many things did I misunderstand as a result.  But, honestly speaking, these visions began and within them beings answered my every question and I don't care if they were real or not real, the end result was the same - my questions were answered and I was encouraged further to share.

So, well, enough of this topic for now.  A side effect of this weekend is I'm unable to hold my focus for long...I'm too caught up in the beauty of slightest color changes in the sky, the pure and beautiful feeling of this summer breeze, the birds and the smiles of the children and well, they are all beautiful distractions and so I go.  The sky has turned lavender and peach as a blanket of indigo with sparkling lights has been pulled towards the already long set sun.  I wish you peace, I wish you courage and I wish you success in reconciling all assumptions you hold.  When you shatter the assumptions and find the truth, you set your heart free and well, that's so important you'll one day understand.  Blessings beautiful souls!

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, random but fortunate internet find)

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