Thursday, March 28, 2013

Subtle and Secret Passageways

If only we paid as much attention to the things that really mattered as much as we pay attention to the things that don’t or are merely illusion, the better off we would be.  But, how does one get to a place where they know which is which so they begin to want to aspire to that place?  I guess we have to grow so tired of experiencing the very same illusion hidden in different faces and places throughout time and realize what we see is what we choose to see for good or ill.  We make issues out of those things we most need to learn from until we learn.  As the cycles and circles and patterns repeat throughout your lives, paying closer attention is the absolute best course of action.  Then and only then can you create the openness and willingness necessary to see.  Sadly, even when you begin to see, you won’t believe it at first and so you’ll test it and it will test you.  Sometimes you may become so frazzled and frustrated, seek momentary solace, comfort and healing only to have the same exact thing show up at your door in the form of the next face or issue.  We are so brilliant and relentless in our aptitude for learning that we will try to hide what we most want even from ourselves.

It is of no consequence that it takes us time to realize those things we must realize.  We have all the time we need and perfectly so.  It’s hard learning in this world but at some point you begin to realize the true beauty and gentleness that it holds and your eyes, mind and heart suddenly open and you watch bewildered and enchanted interchangeably as the illusions recede like morning mist when the sun warms the land.  It’s a challenging process to say the least and an amazing process to say the most and there just are no words truly adequate to define rare moments of clarity and full cognizance of a choice, a thought or a fleeting or lasting feeling.  All are clues, road maps and arrows to the truth if we would but take a moment and strive to embrace it beyond our fears and pain.  Oh the beauty you would receive for trading one ounce of sorrow and pain created by the ego’s illusory assumptions.

So much oversimplification runs rampant from egotistical minds striving to sound the smartest when the truth is actually spoken more accurately and soulfully by the humble ones you would not even see unless you looked for them with love.  Answers they have and love in infinite volumes for the true seekers who tire of the dream.  The landscape can change and all your wishes and dreams that may have once created anxiety and feelings of lack seem not so important as you find out the truth about you, the nature of desire and the full brunt of the suffering these things create.  Pain is no enemy and in fact, once you traverse the oh so subtle and secret passageways necessary to befriend it, you’ll be amazed at what you find.  This is a world of perfectly timed messages from beautiful messengers regardless of garb and masks they seem to appear in.  Consider all you know and see emanates from the same Source, even you.  Stretching, experiencing, learning and growing is what you do every day until you gain what you came for.  It is so perfect as are you.  ~Blessings of love and blissful peace.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart, (photo, very fortunate random internet find)

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