Sunday, March 3, 2013

Indigo Blue Sky

Last night, a long while past sun set, I stepped outside and looked up at the sky.  I caught my breath noticing it was turning a deep and beautiful indigo blue.  The stars seemed to flick on all at once and my gratitude went up and out for whomever it was that threw the switch.  In all honesty, that Who was the theme of my thoughts for the day.  I have a lot of questions lately and nowhere to go with them other than within unless I would like to pay hundreds of dollars per hour for psychic, medium or other termed “spiritual” assistance which is absolutely no guarantee any way.  If I belonged to a church, I might obtain clerical assistance but my worry there is that I might only obtain that dogmatic rhetoric and/or blind misleading information which I’ve already heard and which seems to me wholly limited in a very unsatisfying way.

I’ve had some experiences these past few years which would only seem to resonate as encounters with the One.  Oh, no doubt many could provide me with other explanations but I guarantee none would satisfy what I know to be direct conversations.  The crux of the issue for me is that I’ve been a traveler for a long time with no specific path to follow.  I had chosen one because I began to entertain that maybe it was necessary.  Each path within religion seems to teach that the only way to get to the One is to surrender your soul and your being either to a person incarnate (which I am very hesitant to do because I know how every being incarnate has an ego) or to surrender your soul to one once incarnate as a representation of the One.  I must admit that I don’t understand because my own experiences show me that I’m already connected.  In fact, many of these paths tell you if you wish to perceive the One, go within to find Him or Her (I believe there is no male or female personage we’re dealing with by the way).  If to perceive the Source, the All of Everything, I must surrender my will, my being, or my money to some person in order to find the One and I've already connected, something doesn't seem right.  Why is it that people seem to want to try to sell you that which cannot ever be bought?  This will sound judgmental, but spirituality cannot be bought.  Our drive-through spirituality mentality is perpetuated by those unwilling to do the time and study and by those unscrupulous enough to try to sell what each soul already has a direct connection to.  I do need to state here that I have great reverence and respect for the ascended ones, all of them.  They have left just enough of their wisdom behind to give us clues but not the full answers.  I love that, actually. What fun would it be if all the answers were readily apparent?  I love the quest. 

Back to my point…Within the path I chose, Guru, if you will, teaches that one should question and take nothing that does not resonate with you at the core of your being and it is done without the use of guilt or shame.  His teachings are loving, sincere, direct and wholly helpful, I find but I do not seek a Guru to find Source because that I have already found.  To relate and understand Source is a whole different matter and that is where Earthly guides do come in handy.  Trust worthy guides not looking to fatten their pocket books on your need for knowledge but who are sincerely inspired by Source to help others find their direction their path and deeper understanding.  I don’t like the spirituality for sale paradigm we have here today.  I just have to be honest and that is all I’m going to say on that topic. 

Every person here on the planet has an ego and a soul.  The soul stays ever connected to its origin, it’s Source.  The ego is built in duality in the physical.  I’ve heard folks say the ego stays with you when you leave here.  When my heart stopped, I heard not one of the ego’s manipulated thoughts nor did I feel one single tinge of the ego’s urges.  Mine stayed with my body while I was elsewhere in the void…that space between worlds.  Even then, in the void, I felt the presence of the One.  It was like a tone always pulsing.  I hear it now every night in meditation…my own energy perhaps but that energy is connected to a Source and never severed no matter what darkness I might egotistically entertain.  And so, I think I have the answers.  At so many levels I have sought what I already had.  The connection to Source is within each of us.  When we get still and quiet, we can hear the Divine speaking, we just may not understand what is being conveyed.  But with time, patience and remaining open, cognition will come and the light will pierce the darkness in every corner of your minds. When you are asking for understanding earnestly, you will be guided.  This is a fact I have come to realize.

I decide to let go of these thoughts now and I go back to the night sky, sitting back in my chair with my head tilted upwards.  The indigo has faded to black as I sat here with my meandering thoughts.  The depth and expanse so beautiful to behold and in fact, I opened up the heart of me and let my energy soar.  It’s a beautiful night after one of the most beautiful and peaceful days I’ve had in a very long while.  The love of the Universe is there for all who wish to receive it.  It’s so very beautiful.  It’s time to conclude this day and move on to meditation and then sleep.  Blessings for your journey dear ones.  You will find the answers you most earnestly seek.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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