Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Stark and reaching for the longest time are winter’s branches barren of any leaves.  Just last week I noticed tiny buds springing anxiously forth but not yet in bloom.  Today, however, another walk and those same leafless branches were just beginning to bloom.  I seem to have lost track of the time and then I realized it is the day before Spring and in one more day, it will be here.  I love that part of the change in late Winter leaning towards Spring.  Warmer days and gently cool nights seem to set my mind at ease after colder days in doors with really big thoughts I’ve been struggling to make sense of.  No big thoughts today for me.  I just moved through the day with beingness rather than looking for points of reference to ponder.  They were all around me whether I noticed them or not and today was a day I chose not to specifically notice.  Rather than fix the things I seemed to find where ever I looked today, I decided just to let things be.  It’s okay to leave things as they are sometimes and just appreciate our presence of motion even if it seems we are merely standing still.

The impetus for motion has had my attention for a good many days from the micro to the macro and as pleasant as it is to let the mind meander and roam, I was more content just existing today inside of my own skin.  It was a challenging day in my work-a-day world and accomplishments seemed to swirl with some disappointments and I realized there was nothing I could do with any worries should I absentmindedly choose to entertain them.  So, I just didn’t.  Okay, well, not for more than the few seconds it took me to realize what a pointless endeavor it would be to worry about things.  I’m content to be still or flow with the day and into the evening I think I’ll find myself doing more of the same.  

I’ve decided to reserve judgments for a day and while you might think it’s impossible, it isn’t if you engage in an honest dialog with yourself...gentle nudges here and there to let go instead of holding on to what truly is of no real and lasting significance.  Everyone wants to CYA at the end of the day and actions will be taken and things will be said.  To me, assumptions are too easy to make and so, I do my best to try a little harder for things ultimately more meaningful and guide those I meet along my path in just the same vein.  It’s not often well received but that’s okay.  I’ll just go on planting seeds here and there just by living.  And while living, I'll encounter the seeds that those before me planted as they made their way through this space perhaps at some other time.  I’ll nurture and cultivate them one by one as I find them and then as each new concept begins to take root and bloom within the curious and fertile soil deep within my mind, I’ll smile and be just as grateful as watching the tiny little buds on branches bloom. I’m really enchanted by the beautiful chance to discover some of life’s mysteries on my own terms and then not on my terms at all.  I accept what is and what shall be.  Nothing more is really expected of me.  So be it.  I count my blessings as I go and smile with the arrival of Springtime and gently let go of any lingering chill. ~Blessing for your entertainment and enchantment as you  make your way through life beautiful dreamers. Dream on. :)

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, very fortunate internet find - google images)

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