Friday, November 16, 2012

Thoughts and Stars by Morning's Light

These pathways I have traversed in time, ethereal moments intertwined with souls of great love and beautiful light. So much have they taught me and I am often so humbled.  Child-like they so often seem but wisdom defies their appearing stature and not of this world are they who walk so gently outside of space and time.  To them, my depths of gratitude are infinite for they have shown me the pathways home, the voyage to the center of my heart and soul. I never truly understand the path of love nor could I have ever found the pathway home without their help.  These thoughts meander through my conscious vision amidst the concrete jungle that is my world in this moment.  Again both here and gone have encompassed this hour of brief reprieve from the daily work-a-day drudgery.  Oh but my mind does drift like the wind back to the night of peace and this morning's dream.  Greater understanding has the light of day brought me...themes and words, pictures and colors, impressions both physical and not physical at all.  They represent a culmination of long thought out choices and well, those choices are what they are in this part of the journey, in this part of the dream.  I accept the gifts so readily given and return with these gentle words of love and gratitude. 

Thank you I whisper up into the stars and they twinkle as always in their ethereal seeming reply.  I pull up my sweater collar close about my neck to ward of a chill and breathe deep the peace of this night.  I wonder what visions and dreams this night will hold.  I can no longer wager a guess as those days are long gone.  There is no more a need for guessing and precognitive reaching through space and time.  I am satisfied all
at once with my life, my journey, the love that I've found and gladly given away, the gifts I've received and those I chose to refuse to accept.  All have meaning of infinite depths and now I see with a bit more clarity.
But even that is irrelevant and insignificant compared to the clarity and depths of this beautiful star filled sky.  I send my love up and out to those who know just how to reach it.  I love this world and I love this life and I'm grateful for every single soul who's path has crossed mine.  It's true perhaps I appreciate more some than others and so it goes with resonating souls I suppose.  We seek merely understanding from those who will love us despite how much we have yet to learn and who will stand by us always and ever holding that sacred space of love and light.  So many have and a fact to which I am infinitely grateful.  Gratitude is now the gift of my day and higher understanding perhaps will be the gift of tomorrow as my journey continues.  Come what may, there will be love...there will be joy...there will be much laughter.  I was blessed to have been given a gift of a vision of a future time.  Its what I wanted to see but I almost wished I hadn't asked.  Thankfully the
pathway there remains a mystery.  I do love a mystery. Off with me then, into my day with a collection of thoughts to ponder from the last 24 hours.  Make it a beautiful day.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

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