Friday, November 23, 2012

Change of Scenery

Your life is your opportunity to experience the divine in all of your endeavors.  How you choose to experience divinity in your life is your choice and it is also your choice to turn against the love and light within you embracing only fear.  You were not meant to live in that state, however.  Fear is the furthest reach away from your natural state that you can ever achieve.  When you find yourself in this state, you can choose the path of seeking understanding and then take the steps necessary to return yourself to your natural state.  The path is love, the steps are love, the thoughts necessary include love.  Realize that life contains always a myriad of challenges from which you will strive to learn and grow.  Sometimes those challenges can overwhelm you with emotion, negative emotion and negative self-thoughts.  Pain can seem to anchor you deep within the realms of darkness and distress.  But that is only an illusion.  It is an illusion that will fall away as you begin the work necessary to understand the truth playing like a movie in front of you.  Even the movies seem so real, but they aren't now are they?  Behind every scene in a movie there is orchestration, lines, music set and THE sets called into perfect focus to evoke an emotion.  Life is like that too only you are the script writer, the casting director, the director, the choreographer and the set designer.  It's all about you and your perceptions, the experiences you wished to have and the things you most wished to be presented with to learn from and either accept or transcend in the way you so chose. 

So, if you could but strive to achieve a state of balance and equanimity with your thoughts, hold tight to that center through the ups and downs knowing that nothing you see or experience changes the heart and soul of you, you can change your experience.  What you see and experience may influence your thoughts and shape your perspectives but the heart of you is ever-present and always consistent.  You have the power to create in this world.  If you focus continually on that which evokes in you fear, worry, incredulous feelings or even self-righteous indignation, your experience and your perspective will be always negatively shaped.  If you could raise your gaze and specifically seek to find a silver lining, something beautiful, evidence of the love being played for you right in front of your eyes, you will train your eyes to see the beauty and love in this universe.  You can give yourself the tools you need to change any situation to one that provides you not with never-ending pain and suffering but true love and greater understanding.  You are capable of this and you do have a choice.  There is nothing to loose in seeing love and beauty in this world. In fact, these things inspire your emotions in the infinitely positive and it feels good. So good. There is everything to lose in casting your gaze always downward.  You will miss the light and the love around you.  You can raise yourself up at any time you choose and you will be supported as you endeavor to learn in this world.  It isn't easy always.  Sometimes it is difficult and quite uncomfortable but you wanted this experience or would not have created it.  So, seek the wisdom of the experience as you would a beautiful silver lining in a sky full of dark storm clouds.  You will find your way.  Believe in yourselves and do all that you can to find that which inspires you most.  It matters so much in this place.  You matter so much in this place.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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