Friday, November 16, 2012

Remember the Love

I walked alone on a tree lined path.  The air crisp and cool, a fresh pool of recently fallen rain reflected like stars, the tiny strands of white lights spiraled around the tree trunks.  The gentle rain had stopped just in time for me to make my way to my intended destination but I wasn't so concerned about that.  Rather, I was struck with awe by the mood of the other souls wandering too and fro across my path.  I felt them, each one as they came close, sleeping divinity mired in illusive versions of reality.  I felt the love from within me grow and encompass them all and wishing them well.  I cannot be anywhere without wishing the love and light from this universe would palpably be felt by every inhabitant of planet Earth.  It is only our selected perspectives that ever prevent us from seeing the truth.  This simple street in the middle of a concrete jungle was so beautiful to me.  The city lights in contrast to the darkness reminded me of how far we've come.  We're not out walking with lanterns to guide us.  We're not huddled around a campfire waiting for the sun.  We're all out walking this beautiful street on this seemingly and ethereally powerful night lifted by the gentle music playing in the background.  A gigantic Christmas tree newly lit following a ceremony attended by children in awe of what soon will come.  That's when I felt it, a change in the season and it was in the smile of a beautiful girl of about 3.  Shiny black hair and bright black eyes reflecting the colors of the tree lights, smiling, dazzled and so filled with joy.  She was so beautiful I could have cried.  This, I thought, this is our natural state and so why does it seem it takes only one season to bring this forth and only annually?  That same childish wonder that beautiful little soul held could be held by all if we would do but one thing...allow, remember, breathe in the joy and love that surrounds us with every breath and step we take on this path we call life.  The Earth is filled with so much love.  Once you really and truly feel it, there is no turning back for you.  You can never unlearn what you have learned - not really.  Oh, you might temporarily forget and most grown souls do.  Look at the tiniest children so much closer to the veil than we are, they haven't forgotten except to the extent we teach them to.  Remember where you came from - love. Remember why you are here - love.  Remember to allow yourselves to feel that one thing in all of existence that will never ever leave you - love. ~Blessings for a beautiful journey dear sweet dreamers.

(c)  Jaie Heart (photo copyright as noted on photo)

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