Friday, November 2, 2012

Hearing Does Not Equal Listening

Oh the things I might have learned if only I had been listening.  Learning to listen is no easy task. The ears of the ego hears only in terms of offense and defense and maybe even preemptive strike or worse, retaliation.  But, what if there were something more we should be listening to, like maybe the truth that hides so quietly behind the words of illusion spoken by those mired deep within life's many illusions heard by those also equally mired within their life's illusions.  With egos clashing for pole position in some imaginary competition or race, the truth can never be heard nor even remotely understood.  A challenge for the day, for the moment and most importantly, this life is to truly listen.  But, not with the ears of the ego.  Instead, if we were to listen through the heart of the soul, we would be capable of not only discerning the truth but understanding it.  Some food for thought, beautiful dreamers.  I hope you enjoy this last day of the work week for most.  Have a blessed weekend filled with love, light and greater understanding.  You are the higher love you seek. 

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (words/photo)


  1. So true Jaie...there is such a difference between hearing and listening.

  2. It is the source of what keeps us mired in one of life's greatest illusions - the thing that keeps us separate, fighting each other and preventing us from loving and being loved. It is a tough lesson to master. Thank you so much for your comments and support. I appreciate it very much my friend. :) <3