Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The trees, like silhouetted sentinels
Stand tall against a fading fiery orange and pink sky
One wide ray of sunlight casts its fading glory
So high across the sky it almost looks unreal
And what is real any way
I'm not sure I know any more as I walk along
Noticing the world spinning on it's axis
People coming and going
Like the tides rolling in and out again
Nothing stays the same
"It's not a curse you know
But a beautiful blessing,"
A voice whispers inside of my mind
I smile as I walk simply understanding
As the sun's rays fade, the sea breeze rushes in
Oh am I so grateful for the ocean's proximity
I love the ocean for it's never ending flowing motion
The sky for it's openness and endless array of formations and colors
And life, well, I love life with everything in me for the love we share within it
I'm waxing contemplative again
Always and ever
Feeling for spaces in between my thoughts
Searching for the space in between the stars
No longer searching for answers or truth
Knowing as I stand in the quickly closing darkness
I am all that I need
I have all that I want
The bliss of peace consumes me now
Like the darkness consuming the sun's last rays
Not to worry though, a new show of light is about to begin
And I'm going to stand here until every star shines in my sight
To send my love and wishes up and out
To all who stand there reaching

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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