Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sobering Breeze

I woke up before the sun this morning. I put on some coffee and stepped outside into the dark pre-dawn morning. I could hear the sounds of the ocean, muffled as its gentle roar was carried over a distance. Although it's July and I would expect more warmth, the breeze is cool and quite sobering. I can smell the salty air and taste the excitement of a brand new day in the process of a miraculous light filled birth. I feel so peaceful in this moment of quiet and solitude; contemplative before the city begins to stir in earnest.

I wonder about the day today and what it might bring. Yesterday was a day that brought me closer to the ending of one chapter of my life. One I am all too happy to see closed. Today I am hopeful, resolved and at peace. I feel free and light, even a little bit giddy. There really are no particular reasons for this other than contrast with the heaviness of the day before but that day is now gone and I will not dwell upon it. The journey I've taken, the one that brought me where I am today has been long, hard, exhausting but filled with lessons, love and forgiveness. Each challenge like a mere mountain to climb and once climbed I was witness to the beautiful view from the top…grateful for the courage, strength and stamina to climb at all.

Life is so amazing, so rich in love, light and learning. It's so easy to miss the magic in it. If you forget it exists, if you forget to become aware and look for it, you'll only see a mere changing sea of lessons and challenges along with pain and heart ache. But life is so much more than that. Being alive and feeling the warmth of the blood pumping through your veins, the life pulsating energy in your fingertips, permeating your being; that's magic. Every breath a precious gift of love and another opportunity to dream and bring those dreams to fruition. I may sound like I've lost my mind but what is so amazing to me is that I think I've finally found it. Here in my little moment alone in the dark…enjoying the peace, the sobering breeze, the life, the love and the excitement of a brand new day.

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