Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to Your Life

The first day of a new year always brings up some interesting feelings. First, “We made it through the last,” with a huge sigh of relief.  Funny that is considering our time is limited here in this frame of focus.  Why we wish to get through something I’d like to say I don’t understand but I do. The thing is, every day and every moment is more precious than any precious stone or metal you can mine from our beautiful planet.  It’s hard to see at ground zero of a situational or emotional disaster we’ve just faced but if we could but remember, we wanted to experience the fullness of life, we might view things differently.

In Mindfulness meditation we are taught that there is a beginning to emotion, resistance and feeling adverse towards the things and situations in our lives we aren’t particularly interested in dealing with and then there is an end.  If we could find a way to ride the wave, become the quiet center of the storm and witness the amazing wonder that life is with all of its intricacies, complexities along with our own emotions with dispassionate understanding, we might learn to see things a bit differently.

On this first day of the year, I have no resolutions as I have no regrets to solve.  All I have experienced and who I have experienced with all the way back to my youngest years I am truly grateful for.  That’s not to say I won’t set goals and strive for certain areas of focus important to me.  First and foremost my focus will be on peace knowing I must always search for and find that peace within first, then I will be more able to see and feel that as I witness and react or respond to the outside world.  My next point of focus will be on compassion.  Not just with others but myself.  For if I am unable to find within and hold compassion for myself, any attempt to exhibit that towards others in the outside world will be inauthentic and superficial and well, that just isn’t me.  My next point of focus is on two words, I AM.  These, I feel are self-evident but for those who haven’t experienced or heard these two words used all alone, believe me they do not represent alone.  They represent the greatness available to all of humanity who can achieve that greatness through remembering, through realization and through the allowing by letting go of ideals and those things the world teaches and in some ways forces us to measure ourselves against.

Life is not a grand competition.  You’re really competing only with yourselves to attempt, if you want to, to be better than you were a year, a month, a day or a moment before.  We have that power – that power to learn and grow and if you’ve read my blog – go back to the very first entry and you’ll find a very lost and frustrated soul but I had just learned to open up to seeing things differently.  I remain so because I’ve learned that is the only way I can live my life – being open – allowing and accepting myself just exactly as I am while I fumble, stumble, fail and try again and again to learn my own life lessons.  We’re all just learning to make our way but you know what, we’re in this together. 

So, today I find myself wanting to hold a space for not only myself, but all I know and every other human across the globe and so I shall.  With great love, compassion and courage do I hold a space for all of humanity, for the Earth herself and every other living thing here.  Today isn’t the only opportunity you have to try something new or to learn or make changes or shift and change if that is what you desire.  In every moment you can be made anew if you focus on that and allow that to be.  So, allow.  Let your dreams become your reality. Let yourselves heal.  Allow yourselves to let gently slip away any person, place, thing or situation that no longer serves you and open yourself up to receiving that which will.  Blessings for a beautiful day.

© 2016 Jaie Hart (Photo/words)

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