Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Present Moment Awakening


Water stained tree trunks
Restless leaves blowing free
Rain drops falling on happy grass
Storm clouds dark and ominous
A downpour ensues
And I’m drenched in mere seconds
As laughter escapes my lips
Oh how I long to run and play
But I’m standing here silently
Breathing the freshly cleaned air
Inside its warm
But it isn’t warmth I’m looking for
I’m looking for answers while watching a storm
I sigh a little
I breathe slowly in and then slowly out
Anchor myself securely in my body
Become more present than ever I’ve been
And I realize then how alive was a moment
But just the present moment
We forget the infinity a present moment holds
Not only does it spill out in all directions
It moves with us
Where ever it is we go
If only we’d stop to notice
If only we’d stop to just breathe
Maybe look up now and then
See raindrops sailing across tall skyscrapers
See people smiling as they try not to get soaked
Realize this dream is so perfect
In every regard
We too are perfect even in our seeming imperfections
So much here is transient and impermanent
 Like these racing storm clouds - here and then gone
In our rudimentary perception we think is truth
Certain it is so honed and so very keen
Little do we understand the malware that runs deep
And colors our world in colors we might not choose if we were asked
Were I asked I’d pick rosy pink or cerulean blue
Idealistic optimist as always
I didn’t expect that a soul ever could
Fall in love with a moment
And then hold it forever

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo and words)

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