Friday, January 29, 2016

Inside Out - Outside In

Interesting it is to me our habitual outward focus on what everyone else is doing from the rich and famous, to co-workers, family and even friends.  We watch as the ego compares itself continually to everyone else to judge where it is on the food chain.  There is no shortage of things to find wrong with everyone else when your ego has trained its eye on that kind of filter.  The challenging part for us all is understanding that the more we extend and expend our energy in an outward focus, the more what needs healing within us remains hidden and so very out of reach.

What if we were to shift our focus from pointing out all the wrongs of this world inward and observe what is going on inside of our own bodies, our sensations from inside our own skin and our own thoughts and emotions?  What if we were to explore more our inner world of amazing beauty and endless passage ways into the heart of our own being?  What might we find?  What better things might we learn about ourselves, this world and life if we could just learn to habitually shift that focus inward?

Sometimes the best way to influence behavior you find outwardly displeasing is to return that focus to self and live up to our own expectations, sweeping our own porch clean and setting a very fine example of all that we think is good in this world.  If we could follow our own bliss instead of the manifestations of pain in others, we might just help create a greater loving space for all to grow, to learn and awaken on their own terms.  We need not complain about others to lift ourselves up and in fact that lift up, well, it’s just an illusion that will lose its effect pretty quickly.  When we go deeper within and find all that is loving, good innocent and gentle, the lift up we can achieve is by far longer lasting.  We’re not readily taught this but if you try it and create this as a habit, you’ll find your life shifting and changing around you.

You might even learn what you’re attached to that causes you to notice what you call bad behavior in others.  There is a belief hiding in there I can almost guarantee it.  But it is okay to have beliefs hiding.  It’s okay to leave them alone and do nothing other than what you’ve always done.  Truly.  I merely intend to point out an alternative for those who may be considering it.  My way isn’t the only way or the best way.  It’s just a path.  Every step we all take is on a path and one that is truly perfect for each and with some understanding and lots of love and no fear, you begin to see what was once unseen and what was once so very misunderstood.  When you get to this place, the eyes of your soul begin to open and you start to see with love instead of fear.  It feels better, I have to say.  But old groves are hard to move out of.  Practice makes perfect so why not for one day practice focusing on you and your behavior, the love within you, the gratitude you didn’t take time to notice, the beauty all around you and the unique beauty of everyone and everything in existence?  It’s just a day.  It may be the best day of your life and one you may wish to practice more and repeat again some time or every day.  Just some food for thought.

© 2016 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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