Friday, January 15, 2016

Respecting the Quest and a Dose of Reality

There was a page on facebook from one of my favorite authors.  For whatever reason, the author’s page was opened up to a sort of free for all of random postings.  I wandered through curious about what I was seeing.  The themes I saw were interesting from self-gratification, selfies posted on this author’s page, epic psychological representations, political pieces, conspiracy theories, rude comments, random "gee I think I'm so important and opportunistic that I will self-promote my stuff on this great author's page" kind of postings.  I just left thinking “Wow, this is a great man, a pioneer in the fields I seem to care most about (psychology and philosophy) and all people can do is post selfies on this great man’s author page?”  Clearly it is no longer moderated or at least not much.  It was sad to me and I have to reflect on that. I guess I feel the lack of respect for someone I respect deeply as a great thinker and intrepid explorer of new frontiers and no body seems to care.

Well, I care.  I care a lot and I’m saddened.  At the same time I realize the account could be unreal.  It seemed very real at first as I traded messages at first with his secretary.  Maybe he just decided to let people be.  I guess if I too, step back and just allow what is and let go, I can see humanity as it is and not as I wish or think it could or should be.  We’re all at different levels of awareness here, perception here, belief here and living here.  While from a global perspective I hold compassion and respect for all, there is still a part of my being that wishes for greater awakening and I know, I know that is not my right to wish such things upon others.  It is not my role nor is it my objective.

So, I have to come back and focus on what my objective is…to come back to myself, my own self-realizations, my own compassion, breathing, loving and letting go in order to accept things as they are and not as my limited ego thinks they should be.  Every single part of the whole – humanity – which I view as unique and beautiful thoughts emanating from the Source, the same Source, I hold in deep regard as I do myself.  I can get mad if I want to entertain anger.  I can be sad if I wish to entertain sadness.  I can also embrace peace, love and equanimity if I wish to entertain these things.  In all honesty, it is the latter I wish to hold.  So, then, I have no choice but to forgive with compassion and understanding and focus on my own shadow, letting go of what others choose to do.  Maybe I just worry about myself and do my best to set an example of respect whether or not anyone ever notices.

That’s the tough part about life, learning to stop pointing your fingers at what you think is wrong in everyone else and making the shift to focus on self, self-action, self-love, self-forgiveness and the wakes we personally leave as we make are way through the waters of life.  In a moment, I may be weak and feel sad.  I can let that go.  In a moment, I may be weak and entertain anger and frustration about things over which I have no control.  However and thankfully, I’ve learned enough about life not to stay there.  I guess this week after losing so many people as they returned home in a very Big way, I’m feeling a little sensitive about our luminaries that are left in this world.  Respecting their legacies matters to me and for those still living, even more respect comes to mind.  If I could I’d tell them all, I love you, thank you and may the Source bless you always.  I wish the same thing for all of humanity really.  Tenure on planet Earth is not a guarantee for life continues beyond death.  So, to me, I guess respect for life in all of it’s forms matters.

But so too does all of humanity.  So, these thoughts of frustration I think are not really for what I saw for everything here that I see is just an illusion which means I’m creating thoughts again and I have to understand their significance and the emotional attachment points I have held unaware.  Not unaware.  I've lived a good life and tried my best and I guess I'm a little saddened and frustrated by the huge lack of disrespect I have experienced from people I just expected more from.  And, well, maybe that is the problem.  Maybe I just expected a little too much from those who were capable of nothing more than disrespect, ignorance and complete lack of consideration.  It happens.

I guess we all have these feelings some times and these emotional attachment points, well, they show up in the things that we are pulled towards in this illusion.  Its not bad and its not wrong, but you can gain understanding if you know what to pay attention to.  Life is a journey and not a destination and everything in between is sweet and precious as well as ever so very beautiful.  At least that is how I see it.  Well, how most of the time I endeavor to see it.  Some days I'm successful and some days I'm not.  I'm really okay with that and so too must I be okay with the rest of humanity no matter how they show up.  I will show up for me no matter what.  I guess if I've gained that out of all of this - this morning, ultimately this tiny little lesson has been a blessing truly I'm grateful for.

I’m rambling now so maybe it’s time to sign off and finish my coffee.  May you be blessed with bliss, great understanding, infinite compassion and much love for your journey.


© 2016 Jaie Hart both photo and words

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