Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Presence of Just One Moment

Every day, a fresh clean page presents itself to us.  We wake up from a night’s repose oblivious to anything but the moment of awakening.  We feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  Every moment can be as this.  We need not wait for the night to fall and we take to our beds to clear away the tired feelings in our bones.  We can achieve this feeling in every moment but we must we willing to do one thing.  That one thing is learning how to be very exceptionally present in the moment.  There are many ways that one might achieve this but in my opinion the best way is through simple meditation where you relax every beautiful muscle, all sinew, release tensions and just breathe.  When you show up for yourself in this way, you gift yourself so beautifully, a moment, one precious moment that moves with you into the day every day.  A moment of peace and within that moment great joy and happiness does lurk too.

It isn’t so difficult even if we’re in pain, regardless of the kind.  We need just be present and realize it is a part of our play and we can just watch it play out while we breathe without attaching to it.  I’m describing a technique that will sound very familiar to some.  Add to it the notion of watching thoughts as if from a theater seat where they scroll across the screen from a comforting distance.  You can watch them without attaching a story to them, significance to them or emotion to them.  Instead you can focus on your life giving breath knowing in the moment you are the perfect presence and have need of nothing except yourselves.

Mindfulness meditation brings great awareness of the present moment and the impermanence and transience of everything we perceive for even every moment is like a chain woven with our beautiful intent to project here and live.  If we can just allow ourselves to breathe, accepting the true eternal self as the loving amazing witness of all the happenings in life, a beautiful transformation takes place and with practice that transformation becomes ever more permanent in your psyche, in your rewiring brain along with the loving and compassionate emanations from your heart – this is true love and it begins within.

Blessings for a momentous day of discovery of a precious and beautiful moment dear dreamers.  May you find the love, the peace and infinite presence of it.

© 2016 Jaie Hart both photo and words

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  1. Thanks for the piece of peace. Have a blessed day.