Friday, January 29, 2016

Aimless Wandering or Endeavoring to Explore

Wandering through a life losing the desire for expectation with every step, I realize there are still some expectations that try to get my attention.  I know that expectation leads to nothing but disappointment so when I find these little nagging things, I have to ask myself why I believe they should exist?  Why should I expect anything from anyone ever?  You might think you are entitled to your expectations in terms of what you should be getting and how people should behave around you.  I will tell you that is a high way to an emotional hell of sorts that just isn’t very fun to contend with at all.  To me it is like a choice to be in pain and suffer needlessly.

It’s very human to have expectations but are we limiting ourselves when we hold them?  Are they not beliefs that we have filtered through our environmental psychology as perception no closer to truth than the magical unicorn’s existence?  When I tug on the strings of expectation I almost always find a hidden belief at the source of it.  When I pull with all my might that belief falls out of the sky and into my lap.  Oh my, I discover then I have something rather interesting to contend with, to take apart and fully understand.  But you see I’m on a mission to tackle my beliefs and test them one by one to determine which ones are truth and which ones are mere illusions I’ve held deep inside of me for so long I only just now realize the misery they cause.

I get excited a little when I find them because it becomes a unique and welcome opportunity to take a look at things I may have stuffed way down deep inside unconsciously.  But now that they become conscious through just exploring my expectations I can begin to understand my own misery that I have created by holding onto a belief.  A common one we all hold concerns the behavior of others.  We argue and fight about what is right by how we would handle situations or hold our own behavior and we imagine conversations that have never taken place considering our assumptions truth and that truly only serves to limit us, limit our thoughts and close the door on an imaginary prison cell.  If only we knew and could reach for greater understanding, we’d know we hold the key to our own freedom by just letting go of assumptions, perceptions, beliefs and expectations.

It isn’t easy I will admit quite honestly.  But, if you can be brave and ever so courageous enough to step outside of the ego’s fear of being found out, you can become so much more whole, so much more content and so much more balanced in your approach to life. It would leave you feelings so much lighter to engage in this exploration.  Write about your findings.  Face them head on with love, compassion and gentleness for self.  These are no easy tasks I speak of.  But, for the brave and courageous in this endeavor, self-actualization and self-realization awaits you as a Divine reward.  Your awakening is beckoning you to come find it and you will find it through the heart of your expectations, perceptions, assumptions and beliefs.  When you understand them and can find the strength to let them go knowing inherently than in the release you lose nothing and yet gain more than you ever dreamed, you will find a peaceful existence full of compassion not only for yourself but others who are unable as yet to explore.  You’ll be less concerned about the behavior of others or their level of awakening or not and more focused on what you need to do for you.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Blessings of higher love, greater understanding and infinite wells of compassion.

© 2016 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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