Saturday, August 31, 2013

Solar Return

And yet another solar return comes to greet me and I find myself utterly delighted still to be here.  Forty-seven years have passed since I ventured to join the populace here and I can honestly say I regret not one single minute ultimately.  I’m reminded that we all have our time here and fortunately free will dictates we may spend it as we deem most worthy.  I’m sad a little when I think back to how I spent much of my time here.  There was this battle or that battle for nothing but pole position, status, stature or fending off the complaints of another’s illusions.  They were never mine for clearly I’ve often held my own to no avail.  Until now that is.

Another year older and hopefully at least a little bit wiser I realize just how much we create for ourselves here.  We are not some puppet dangled on strings held by some unknowable force we must fear to be ensured of a blissful eternity.  We are at the mercy of much out of our control but perhaps that is a beautiful gift and not a curse.  We have here at our disposal one of the greatest tools in the universe, love and another, compassion and yet another, gratitude.  These gifts are of immeasurable value and worth more than anything anyone could ever give you.  In fact, these things cannot truly be given for their full meaning to become completely apparent within us.  Each soul much find the truth of these gifts or tools in order for their lives to be forever transformed for good and yes I did say good and that is a bit of a judgment.  Without the ability to let these things well from deep within we are blocked, stagnant and stuck in one drama after another without any way to get out.  Not much fun is it being trapped in prisons of our own design.  A beautiful moment is it when a single soul on the planet sets him or herself free through this glorious understanding.

There is a maple tree just outside my living room window.  It’s old, tall and so very wise.  Its leaves are still at the moment soaking in precious life-giving sunlight as the sun makes its way up over the building across from me.  There is no sea breeze this morning which means it will be another hot day in paradise.  I long to hear the sound of the wind rustling in this beautiful tree’s leaves.  It’s like beautiful music akin to rushing water when I close my eyes.  I hug her when I know my neighbors are busy with other things because she gives so much to our little courtyard and her sister right across, another gorgeous tree that brings shade and emerald green to fill our field of vision daily.  Such simple things in life to appreciate have I and I’m glad.  Yes, I’m a tree hugger.  You can’t possibly be surprised. (smiles)

As I sit here in the quiet and yet growing light I realize that there has been much in my life that’s gone by underappreciated but I’m growing still and learning to understand ever more that which has vexed me to my core and crumpled me in pain for seemingly nothing have been my life’s greatest gifts.  I’ve learned that human love is imperfect and fallible until each human taps that true Source love within.  And then they harm another soul no longer because they know each wound they inflict with careless words harms not only the intended recipient but themselves as well.  Would that I could wake the entirety of the populace to this oh-so-very-important fact.  But, that’s not my job.  My job is not to save the world but to live in it and save myself from succumbing to negative vibration, despair and hopelessness that abounds when least a soul might expect it.  No chance of those negative things today.  I’m happy to be here on planet Earth.  Big white puffy clouds crawling across pure cerulean blue puts such a smile on my face.  I could watch in awe for hours on end and do every chance that I get.

Soon the loves in my house will stir beyond just me and my faithful furry little protector Zacky the Cat.  The coffee tastes better today for some reason.  Perhaps it is my gratitude is open wide, as is my heart and my hopes for my dreams.  I’m watching them manifest here one now by one.  Tears of joy escape my curious eyes so often I notice as each year passes.  I’m grateful for that now too. Count your blessings today and each day that follows.  Let that gratitude within you awaken your love and then soon after, compassion.  Your life too will be transformed and understanding will dawn at every turn just like the sun on this hot summer morning.  ~Blessed be each and every soul on the planet.  I wish you love, joy and the infinite power to manifest your deepest dreams now.

© 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, gorgeous random internet find)

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